Relive the intrepid explorer’s epic adventures as he makes his way through the first three installments of the Indiana Jones movie franchise.

Albeit a lot more tongue in cheek than George Lucas originally envisioned the movies would ever be, the game version lets you experience all the adventures that Indy gets himself into while throwing lots of puzzles and humorous anecdotes to keep you amused throughout the game. Be warned though – the Lego monkeys can be a bit unnerving!

Game Difficulty Increases With Each Level

Indiana Jones isn’t the first movie franchise to be converted into the world of Lego. Star Wars, also a George Lucas creation, has had its characters and universe morphed into the Lego characters and environment that kids have grown up with for decades. And like the Lego Star Wars games, Lego Indiana Jones is mainly focused on solving puzzles while keeping combat light and minimizing platforming elements. This is perfectly fine for the Lego world; you wouldn’t really expect a blocky version of Indy with limited degrees of movement to be able to pull-off some of his cinematic moves without dislocating a shoulder joint in the process.

Each game level ups the difficulty of puzzles from previous levels. There’s always something new in the next level, so stay alert or you’ll quickly lose your monoblock head. Certain puzzles exploit phobias that characters have, such as Indy’s absolute fear of snakes. So you can be merrily swinging and jumping across a pit filled with spikes, but run across a snake and he’ll stop in his tracks – just like in the movie. Other characters have their own phobia, but you’ll just have to see what these are when playing the game.

You may encounter levels where you will have to use Lego elephants to cross mud. These plastic animals can be quite helpful, willing characters. But good luck trying to get the monkey to part with the dynamite! Boss battles in Lego Indiana Jones are also puzzling. You’ll have to figure out how to hurt a quickly healing man and how to hit a person who won’t stop jumping.

Each character has a unique trait that helps keep gameplay varied throughout the game. These traits allow you to exploit characters strengths to complete a level in a way that wouldn’t have been possible with other characters. Indy still has his trusty whip to help him swing and grab objects, as well as grab the occasional female object-of-attention to bring her closer for a quick kiss. Other characters that are part of the game environment can help with tasks you need to complete to proceed to the next level. From decrypting hieroglyphics to squeezing through tiny spaces, or utilizing tools that characters may possess, these character specific traits will aid you on your quest.

The game itself isn’t a quick couple of hours play and then it’s over. Neither will you be able to complete the game and discover all the hidden items in one sitting, because there is just so many. Too many, in fact, that you’ll be playing the game a few times over, and then some for good measure— which adds to the addictiveness of the Lego Indiana Jones. You’ll be playing it again and again just to see if there is still something to be uncovered in each level.

This is a solid fun game, with lots of replay value to keep you amused for longer than most puzzle action-adventure games. Indy may not be as good-looking this time around, but he’s still as adventurous and entertaining as ever.

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Contributed by Norbert Emata, Product Reviewer