Be safe, feel safe. The KWorld KGuard Security KG-S120 Standalone Digital Video Recorder is a reliable and secure surveillance device that’s highly innovative and extremely useful. It is easy to set up and is loaded with convenient features that let you easily detect unwanted visitors without breaking a sweat.

Just connect this to your security camera and then you’ll finally sleep soundly at night. It has a built-in CD writer design, so you can store your security footage in a compact disc for easier access. This is also highly convenient because you can easily play and replay videos.

500GB HDD Stores Months Worth of Security Videos

The image quality is important especially for security videos. Every single detail is very much important. Thanks to the MPEG4 DVR technology, the compression format provides crystal clear images with real time performance. Live display is possible with the KWorld KGuard Security KG-S120 Standalone DVR.

 KWorld KGuard Security KG-S120 Standalone DVRYou can record, playback and even backup videos. What’s stunning is that the 500GB hard disk drive of this device can record more than 60 days of best quality videos.

You can always back up your videos through its built-in CD writer or on any USB device. This USB port also allows easier file sharing. The KWorld DVR allows remote surveillance with licensed software such as AP and Internet Explorer browser. You can also perform cross-platform operation via the IE browser. Another cool feature is its ability to support five users simultaneously through web surveillance.

One of the best features of this DVR, though, is the highly innovative Intelligent Motion Trigger Recording. This advanced motion detection feature can schedule motion detection recording to up to four different adjustable factors of motion detection sensitivity. The search function and customized security environment are also two of its convenient features. The ease does not stop there. The alarm trigger recording will send alerts with images to designated email and FTP addresses! So you really don’t have to keep your eyes on the monitor just to establish security. The Standalone DVR will keep your security level unbridgeable as you remain comfortable.

Whether for office use or home security, the KWorld digital video recorder is a must-have for any security-conscious person. It is loaded with features that make you feel safe and protected every single minute. And since it offers not just security but convenience as well, you don’t have to go through complicated processes just so you can feel you’re in good hands.  Because with the KWorld KGuard Security KG-S120 Standalone Digital Video Recorder, you really are.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer