Ever wanted to be a rock star? A real rock star? Like Aerosmith? Well, you probably won’t ever be a real star like rock-royalty’s The Bad Boys of Boston, Aerosmith, but you can sure play the guitar like them in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for PS3.

Join America’s Greatest Rock ‘N Roll Band as you experience their career from their very first high school gig to the 2001 half-time Super Bowl performance. You’ll get to play Joe Perry (guitar), Brad Whitford (guitar), and Tom Hamilton (bass) with frontman Tyler and drummer Kramer playing alongside you.

With Exclusive Aerosmith Interview Videos

The game offers players a chance to play in historical venues of the band’s career. Play their first gig in high school and work your way up to being onstage with Run DMC. For each venue in the game there are two warm-up songs. Each of the two songs is by a different artist just like in regular Guitar Hero. After the two warm-up songs, you and your band members switch over to the Aerosmith members and play three songs and then one encore. And once you’re Aerosmith, you’d better have warmed up enough to play hot.

Over 40 songs are available in the game and most have to be unlocked. The songs are a nice mix of Aerosmith’s numerous greatest hits, songs the band performed with other artists and songs from artists that inspired them. The songs and venues allow a player to experience the rich musical career of Aerosmith as the band becomes more and more popular throughout the game.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith- PS3 offers the same features as Guitar Hero 3. You can build up your band using the same characters, except when you’re playing in an Aerosmith venue and change over to Aerosmith characters. New songs and equipment can be bought, and you can unlock characters as well.

The graphics are very detailed and Aerosmith physically contributed to the development of their digital characters. They were fitted with sensors to digitally map each member’s movement as they played their instruments. So you’re not only playing their notes, you’re also watching them play as if it were a real concert. Apart from recreating their trademark movements, they were also interviewed and these videos are part of the game.

Activision chose a great band to start off their next series of Guitar Hero installments. All the members are well known and you’ll get to play along with them. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is available as a standalone disc or bundled with a Gibson Les Paul control that has a red faceplate and Aerosmith logo in white. Included in the bundle is a tour book listing all the songs in the game.

So, what are you and your rock career waiting for? Grab the guitar and start jamming out to Aerosmith and be the guitar hero you’ve always dreamed to be!

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Contributed by Norbert Emata, Product Reviewer