Most of you are probably going, what is a Tesla Roadster? For those of you who do know, this will be an added treat. For those of you who don’t, I will provide enough background information to get you in the know-how. So back to my original question, what is a Tesla Roadster? Think sleek, fast automobile, the kind that draw gazes even from Ferrari and Lotus owners. Think ridiculous RPMs and 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds. Now, I know what your thinking. Gas guzzling fortune car that only the elite own. Well you are wrong, the Tesla Roadster is a reasonably priced fully-electric car and now it is getting an upgrade.

Tesla Makes A Powerful Friend

Tesla has recently signed up with BorgWarner Inc. for the introduction of a single-speed gearbox on this breath-taking auto. Tesla’s engineers developed the specifications, and BorgWarner delivered the goods. The new gearbox is a critical part of an enhanced powertrain with incredible performance and efficiency. You get more power and more range on this already popular car. This new powertrain increases the previous EPA combined range of 221 miles to a comfortable 244 miles.

More About Tesla Motors and The Roadster

Tesla Motors is currently responsible for the only highway-capable production electric car of any kind for sale in the US. Car & Driver magazine (2007) awarded this car with the fastest top-gear acceleration of any car in production that year. This amazing vehicle is unique in providing super car performance, no emissions whatsoever and extraordinary efficiency. The battery is a modified Lithium-Ion battery (practically the same kind you use on regular household objects, with significant modifications.) The car is also one of the most silent operating vehicles ever made. Whereas conventional 4 cylinder cars typically consist of over a hundred moving parts, the Roadster only has one, the rotor. Less moving parts means less maintenance, because the Tesla Roadster doesn’t need spark plugs, lubricating oils, filters, coolant, clutches, wires, a PCV valva, oxygen sensors, a timing belt, a fan belt, a water pump and hoses, a catalytic converter, or a muffler. So chances are, (and they are high) I just named a part your car is having an issue with. This just goes to show the amazing potential these cars have.

Battery Life

So I know you have doubts. Wandering by your head is the idea, what if I run out of charge in the middle of the street, or in the middle of nowhere? The only thing that should be wandering by your head with this car is the smooth wind breezing by your hair as you top out at 125 mph (electronically limited). First of all, this car has a stunning range of about 221 miles, which after the upgrade it will be 244. Now, I don’t know how many people drive more than 240 miles on a daily basis that aren’t hauling tons of cargo behind them. But no need to worry, this baby charges up fully in 3.5 hours with the special Home Power Connector unit. Not home? In the trunk is an optional Mobile Connector that lets you charge from most standard electrical outlets. What is great about the battery is that it is also 100% recyclable and will last you an astonishing 100,000 miles of peak power performance. Which it then gradually reduces over-time but can still be used.

Well-to-Wheel Efficiency

Want to know how this bad boy stood up to the rest? Tesla Motors recently conducted a “well-to-wheel” accounting for all fuel efficiency and emissions of several types of high-efficiency cars, including the estimate for the Tesla Roadster, based on performance prototypes. What they found is that it has nearly double the efficiency of even the most popular hybrid vehicles, while still generating one-third the carbon dioxide. Don’t hold your breath yet, the Roadster gets even better results because it is 6 times as efficient yet produces one-tenth of the pollution.

Well-to-Wheel Efficiency Chart

Pros and Cons

The best part about the Tesla Roadster in my opinion is that you would be able to brag to your friends about the “high-cost” of 1 cent per mile driving. But, the only visible downside I can see right now is the $100,000 price tag, (if you factor in the average price of gas and maintenance for a standard 4 cyl car with the same lifespan it ends up being about $75,000) yet new concepts are usually available to the elite to begin with because they take so much money and years of research to build – which can be pretty expensive. This car has huge benefits with the environment, if Mother Nature had an award ceremony the Tesla Roadster would clean sweep the entire thing. Now, you can power the cars with the electricity at home but that is still generated by fossil fuels one way or another, or you can power these babies with solar power for renewable energy that makes this car 100% efficient! With gas hovering at an avg $3.80 a gallon nation-wide I’m amazed there aren’t lines around the blocks to get your hands on these cars. Depending on where you live, other bonuses may include :

  • Single-occupancy access to all carpool lanes
  • Income tax credit (awaiting new legislation)
  • A luxury car that’s fully exempt from the luxury car tax
  • Free parking at charging stations at LAX
  • No parking meter fees in an increasing number of major metropolitan areas

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