Logitech is constantly revamping their products, making them more functional and useful for their customers. This time, it has created a keyboard that has all the features you need, while being easy on your wrist.

Update your PC desktop with a Logitech Wave Keyboard. It will provide both the comfort and control your hands have been craving.

Comfortable, Smooth and Easy-to-use

First of all, the Logitech Wave Keyboard is designed in a way where it conforms to your fingers. Typing is made easy with the convenient placement and distinct size of each key, thus promoting a more ergonomically correct hand position.

 Logitech Wave Keyboard Aside from your regular, alphanumerical keys, there are also keys that control editing, navigation and multimedia.

To avoid any wrist strain, a cushioned palm rest runs along the bottom of the keyboard. The soft feel of the cushion allows you to write in a comfortable and relaxed state for hours. For optimal convenience, this keyboard comes equipped with three-way tilt legs. This way you can lift the Logitech Wave to a more adequate position and type at the height that is best suited to you.

If you’re a big music fan, then you’ll be glad to know you can listen to all your hits without fumbling to move those headphone cords out of the way. With a channel that is discreetly located underneath the keyboard, simply slip your audio cables through the opening, and have those distracting cords packed away neatly.

Now that you know about the Wave’s physical attributes, let’s talk about its functionalities. Direct media access can be obtained through the multimedia keys. These keys allow you to play music or access a photo gallery with the touch of a button. Other media options include playback, Flip 3D, Zoom and Gadgets – all of which can be used in Windows Vista. There is also a button for Media Center and Front Row.

Logitech Wave Keyboard

Perhaps you want to customize certain keys for specific functions. You can do that too with the programmable function keys. Set these to access important documents or launch your favorite websites without going through a bunch of different steps to get to what you need.

The Logitech Wave Keyboard is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac. Connect it to a USB port, follow the instructions on the included CD-ROM, and then it’s all yours for endless use.

Once you’ve switched over to this keyboard, you’ll feel right at home. Typing for hours will never be a problem again.

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