The LG KG290 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone is the perfect phone of choice if you are looking for an entry level and inexpensive mobile phone that can perform beyond your expectation. With its 1.3 megapixel camera and several music features, this mobile phone will quickly become your ultimate mobile communication buddy.

This sleek and stylish cellular phone keeps it simple. If you’re a mobile phone user who only uses his or her phone for communication purposes, the LG KG290 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone is the right phone to have in mind. It can perform the simple tasks of sending text messages or making calls, but with its price range, you’ll be surprised to find out that there is actually more to it than just communication.

Listen to FM Radio or your MP3 songs

For starters, it is equipped with a 1.3MP camera, pretty decent for a camera phone in its price range. This slider is also compact, only measuring 3.62 x 1.65 x 0.71 inches and weighing 83 g, so you can virtually bring it anywhere. Easily slide the slider into your purse or pocket, or even hang it on your neck with a lanyard.

 LG KG290 Unlocked GSM Cell PhoneThis is so light and so small that bringing it along with you regularly is a complete breeze.

Thanks to the spring-operated slider and the well-positioned controls, operating and handling the LG KG290 is a real comfort. And since it is so small, it fits well in the palm of your hand. The five-way navigational pad puts up with the brunt of the work. Rest your worries aside; it is stable and solid enough to take on the job. This cell phone also has a dedicated camera and volume buttons on its left side for easy access and convenience.

When it comes to the quality of voice and sound, no questions asked, the LG KG290 is really praiseworthy. The mobile phone produces clear and sharp sound that listeners and users will love. The hands-free speakerphone also performs flawlessly.

LG KG290 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

Although tagged with an affordable price, the function and features of this cell phone are really remarkable. It is Bluetooth 2.0 capable, and you can play your audio and video on it. You have the option of expansion, thanks to this phone’s microSD slot where you can insert microSD cards for memory upgrade. Now, you can upload your favorite music list onto your phone, and enjoy limitless music and videos (well, it will primarily depend on the capacity of the microSD you’ll attach to it). If you’re tired of your music playlist already, you can always switch to FM mode for access to newer songs.

LG KG290 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

If you’re on a budget and on the lookout for an outstanding mobile phone, then you better check out the LG KG290 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone. It can perform all those basic applications like sending text messages and making calls thoroughly, plus it can do other great things like capture picture and play MP3, pretty impressive for its price tag.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer