With the latest Blu-ray innovation, movies have suddenly become super crisp and clear like a new day. The high-quality definition, almost 3D in form, has left many of us astounded.

Now, you can re-create this detailed perfection at home. The Lite-On DH-4B1S Serial ATA Interface Blu-ray Disc Writer is one step ahead of other devices that are currently out in the market. It is the kind of device that more and more people will soon be rushing to get their hands on.

Reads and Records CDs and DVDs as well

Go out and buy all the Blu-ray movies you want because you’ll be able to easily watch them on this writer. Forget having to spend thousands on a home theater system; watch sharp, high-quality videos jump out at you on your own computer monitor.

 Lite-On DH-4B1S Serial ATA Interface Blu-ray Disc Writer Aside from reading capability, this writer can also record on blank Blu-Ray discs. That means you can make high-definition movies right at home. Read and record on other formats, such as CDs and DVDs too.

This writer has 4x BD-R write speed and 2x BD-RE write speed, the latter being the same speed for BD read. The specifications for DVDs are 12x DVD+R write speed, 8x DVD+RW rewrite speed, 12x DVD-R write speed, 6x DVD-RW rewrite speed, and 12x DVD read speed. The DVD access time is 160 ms. As for CDs, count on 32x CD write speed, 24x CD rewrite speed and 32x CD read speed. And since this writer has a SATA interface, you can be assured you’re getting great and fast quality.

The dimensions of this Lite-On measure 6.7” x 5.7” x 1.63” and it weighs less than 2 lbs. The front side of the writer has a pin hole eject slot, an eject button and a status indicator. The back side has a SATA power connector, as well as a SATA data connector.

Lite-On DH-4B1S Serial ATA Interface Blu-ray Disc Writer

Buffer under-run technology comes with this disc writer. By getting rid of buffer under-run errors, this kind of technology lets you work on other computer applications without worrying if your Blu-ray recording will get messed up in the process. This writer also works with Windows Plug and Play and has a data capacity of up to 25GB on any BD-R or BD-RE disc.

Now you can check out the latest in hi-def with your very own Lite-On DH-4B1S Serial ATA Interface Blu-Ray Disc Writer. Document and record only with the best.

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