The Sylvania DP170SL8 1080p HDMI DVD Player is an ideal unit for any home theater.

This device will fit in very nicely with the rest of your entertainment equipment. It is ideal for modern home theater setups with its HDMI interface.

Supports Various Media Formats

HDMI ensures to deliver outstanding picture and sound quality on the latest digital audio and video gear. Using this technology, it ensures a simple and superior one-cable digital connection with up-conversion capabilities.

 Sylvania DP170SL8 1080p HDMI DVD Player This HDMI DVD player has support for 720p, 1080i, or 1080p video signals.

The Sylvania DP170SL8 device is a DivX-compatible DVD Player. DivX technology is an advanced kind of media compression technology that lets users save large files like films, movie trailers, and music videos on recordable media. Furthermore, it supports DVD video, DVD-R/RW, video and audio CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, JPEG and Kodak picture CD.

It is a great deal that this DP170SL8 device produces crisp, clear video images through its HDMI interface. Plus, the player is capable of up-converting older DVDs to give you an awesome 1080p high-definition experience on compatible HDTV sets.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the Sylvania DP1 70SL8 HDMI DVD Player for high-definition viewing the way you’ve been dreaming about having.

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Contributed by Joseph Espirida, Product Reviewer