Onkyo has unleashed its latest development for the home theater arena, the Onkyo HTS5100B Home Theater System. This home theater system is a powerhouse for High-Definition video sources with iPod playback and SIRIUS connectivity.

The Onkyo HTS5100B uses HDMI technology for excellent video performance that produces a resolution of up to 1080p. Three HDMI inputs are available for fast switching from one display to another. This feature is perfect for enabling the highest possible video resolution.

Supports iPod Audio Playback

The device’s support for iPod audio playback is one of the great features of the HT-S5100B. It is incredibly easy to integrate music and portable digital players.

 Onkyo HTS5100B Home Theater System Music Optimizer technology is a part of this home theater system to help enhance the audio quality.

Additionally, the HT-S5100B uses Audyssey 2EQ and Audyssey Dynamic EQ. With this technology, Audyssey 2EQ, distortion and loudness will be corrected, thus resulting in a clear, well-balanced and natural sound. However, the Audyssey Dynamic EQ selects the best possible frequency response and surround levels at all times, which indeed only brings about perfect volume level.

Another form of technology architecture is the use of SIRIUS Satellite Radio. It brings access to digital-quality channels like sports, news, entertainment, traffic and weather. Using the right gear, you can even access and enjoy the channels available in SIRIUS radio.

Onkyo HTS5100B Home Theater System

Using all of these technological features, the Onkyo HTS5100B Home Theater System is simply a breakthrough in the home theater system industry.

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Contributed by Joseph Espirida, Product Reviewer