Headphone and headset technology has traditionally been part of a cutting-edge and highly competitive consumer electronics industry, but more recently has found favor with gamers worldwide. Online gamers, through the wonder of VoIP and voice chat technology, can keep track of their teammates, issue commands, or simply sit down for a chat.

What used to be the domain of primitive headphones and rubbish microphones, often transmitting more interference than dialogue, is now largely occupied by a multitude of headset designs, keen to capitalize on the convenience of having both a microphone and headphones in one unit.

With Sennheiser’s expertise as a global leader in electro-acoustic comes the Sennheiser PC350 G4ME Gaming Headset. This headset’s sound perception is so precise that you will literally feel like you’re in the game.

Perfect for Skype Calls and Live PC-Based Communications

The ultimate gaming headset from Sennheiser, the PC350, marks a new development in gaming headset technology. The PC350 gives one of the most accurate sound positioning architecture and finest sound quality available in the gaming market.

 Sennheiser PC350 G4ME Gaming HeadsetThis gaming gadget is supplied with a 3-meter cable and can also be used for Skype calls and other PC-based communications.

The Sennheiser PC350 headset is a round-the-ear, closed-type headset that shuts out disturbing noises from the environment. It is combined with the special shaping of the frequency response mechanism, which deftly improves gamers’ ability to detect where a sound comes from. This helps significantly sharpen reaction time, giving players a built in advantage over the competition.

Furthermore, the PC350 look is sleek, simple and refined, but bold and glossy. The ear pads are soft and comfortable for hours of play. The headband is adjustable, with extra padding, and the single cord design keeps the wire clutter gremlins at bay. On the left earpiece is the directional, swivel down, noise-canceling microphone, which can be muted using the inline remote, which also controls volume. The single cord terminates at the standard green headphone and pink microphone 3.5” stereo jacks.

With this awesome gaming headset, you will have a comfortable audio experience, excellent sound quality, an integrated microphone and sharp looks. The Sennheiser PC 350 headset is a gamer’s dream – they’re crystal clear and extremely comfortable.

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Contributed by Joseph Espirida, Product Reviewer