Plug-and-play universal serial bus (USB) flash memory drives are rapidly gaining popularity. They’ve become so popular in fact that they are now called by a variety of names such as USB Flash Disk, Thumb Drive, Pen Drive, Memory Key, Micro Vault, Pocket Drive, KeyChain, Pico Drive, etc. Flash drives are an ideal alternative to floppy disks or CDs for easy, compact, fast and reliable data transfer. Higher capacity units of over 256 MB can offer a more convenient way of carrying files than on a CD. Nearly every new computer sold in recent years has several USB ports or sockets. The USB Flash Drive simply plugs into one of these ports, ready for use. No cables, power supplies, or batteries are required. No need to shut down and restart your computer either just to set the USB flash drive for operation.

With the demand for stylish, portable, efficient, and high-capacity USB drives, Kanguru has developed a product that will outperform other USB drives in the market today. This product is called the Kanguru FlashBlu Max USB Flash Drive. Kanguru Max Flash Drive is characterized as being smaller than the Kanguru Mini Drive by 50 percent with a size of 50mm x 25mm x 10mm and weighing only 13g. Furthermore, this flash drive uses flash memory with a 10-year data retention capability under normal usage.

Speed Rate of 480 Mbps

The Kanguru Flash Drive Max breaks new ground in portable storage with up to 64GB of storage space! Set in rugged aluminum housing, the Kanguru Flash Drive Max can be counted on to hold huge amounts of data and withstand the rigors of transporting it around.

Kanguru 64GB FlashBlu Max USB Flash Drive Slightly larger than a stick of gum, this unit packs a phenomenal amount of solid state storage into a small form factor.

Moreover, Kanguru USB Flash Drives are true plug-and-play devices on Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS or Linux OS with no additional software being required. The device automatically becomes visible as a new drive right away. However, earlier systems like Windows 98 usually requires installation of driver software before the USB flash drive can be used on that computer.

Another feature of the USB flash drive is its standard transfer rate. This flash drive is a USB 2.0 with a speed rate of 480 Mbps. USB 2.0 or Hi-Speed USB modes can handle today’s ever-changing applications, particularly in the multimedia field. Boosting bandwidth to 480 Mbps, the forty-fold jump from the original USB’s 12Mbps has paved the way for a number of improved devices. In addition, the Kanguru USB drive has backwards compatibility with USB 1.1 ports, which means your device will still run on older USB ports.

The Kanguru Flash Drive Max comes complete with Carry it Easy software, allowing Windows users to be mobile with their data while staying secure. This software provides the drive user with Mobile Email, No Trace Browsing, and File Synchronization. Carry it Easy also utilizes 128-bit AES encryption to protect data stored on the drive.

Use the Kanguru Flash Drive Max to transport MP3s, documents, email files and pictures anywhere you want to go!

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Contributed by Joseph Espirida, Product Reviewer