Selecting the right external storage product is not an easy thing to do, especially if you don’t exactly know what you’re looking for. There are so many products that look alike, and capacity seems to be the only obvious differentiator.

Yet differences can be found when it comes to interfaces, physical dimensions, control elements such as backup buttons and bundled software. Some solutions provide rudimentary backup support; others are capable of synchronizing data between the PC and the storage devices. And there are solutions to create images of partitions or entire hard drives. Take a look at the Western Digital Elements 500GB External Hard Drive. Here we have a hard disk that’s all set to take care of your portable storage needs.

Holds Thousands of Songs and Hours of Video

Given the state of today’s storage needs, external hard drives are a valuable addition to any digital lifestyle. An external hard drive is any hard drive which attaches easily to a computer, usually through a USB port for plug-and-play functionality.

 Western Digital Elements 500GB External HDD It is extremely useful for backing up and moving data between computers. The Western Digital Elements 500GB External Hard Drive can be connected using several popular interfaces like FireWire and USB.

Western Digital developed this external hard drive to hold up to 500GB of data. This heavy-duty external hard drive can hold up to 142,000 digital photos; up to 125,000 songs and 12,000 uncompressed CD quality songs; up to 38 hours of Digital Video, 200 hours of DVD quality video and 60 hours of HD video at 7200 RPMs as its spindle speed. The 7200 RPM spindle speed makes it possible to achieve true desktop performance and meet the performance level of existing desktop platforms. Therefore, it is excellent for photos and video editing, where users need quick access to data.

The Western Digital External Hard Drive is a plug-and-play device. This means that you should be able to plug it in and use it without worrying about the settings and other configuration elements once you connect the cable to either desktop or laptop computers.

In terms of connections, the Western Digital 500 GB external hard drive uses the high-speed USB 2.0. Universal Serial Bus.  Western Digital Elements 500GB External HDD (USB) 2.0 is an external serial interface used on computers and other digital devices to transfer data using a USB cable. That means it can transfer data via the USB 2.0 port at up to 480Mbps for maximum performance.

As far as the physical design is concerned, this hard drive is known for its durability because of its rugged metal case. Your data is protected thanks to its sturdy case. Furthermore, the said mobile hard drive works with both Windows and Mac systems.

The Western Digital Element 500GB External Hard Drive is an ideal high capacity portable storage device that is extremely reliable. It features legendary performance that makes it one of the best in the business.

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Contributed by Joseph Espirida, Product Reviewer