Any cooler will stop a CPU from overheating. If you run a current model CPU with no cooler at all, it will overheat and possibly permanently damage the CPU. Athlons and Durons can die in seconds, and often do when someone’s failed to notice that their cooler isn’t clipped on right and thus doesn’t actually touch the heat sink. But if you’re just using an inadequate cooler, as opposed to none at all, your computer will merely be flaky.

You’ll be able to cure the problem by improving your case ventilation and/or upgrading to a better cooler. By using the ThermalTake Big Water 760i Liquid Cooling System your problems are solved.

Consists of Pump, Heat Sink and Expansion Tank

The ThermalTake 760i liquid cooling system is considered a high-end product. It has an adjustable 120 x 120 x 25 mm blue LED fan with 16000 to 24000 RPM fan speed and a noise level of 16 dBA.

 ThermalTake Big Water 760i Liquid Cooling System Additionally, the device has a Motorsports Radiator which is used to increase the surface area for its added cooling capability. It also consists of automatic non-spill and quick-disconnect valves and an easy-refill reservoir which contains 350 cc of liquid.

Speaking of design, this liquid cooling system has three main components such as pump, heat sink and expansion tank in a single block. It is mounted on an open frame, which contributes much to the ventilation of the heat sink, especially when there is not enough air to flow, and thus gives more or less comfortable access to its internal components. It comes with a vent hole on the front panel of the block that also contributes to ventilation of the heat sink and raises efficiency of the entire system.

Another interesting feature of the Big Water 760i is its advanced heat sink. The Big Water 760i also has an interesting processor block – it’s manufactured using advanced technologies to avoid any chances of leakage (brazing). It’s quite compact and features a complex design with a section of narrow micro channels. It’s an original solution and well though-out. We know that heat is exchanged mostly in a thin near-surface layer; there is almost no heat exchange in the core of the flow. Hence, large water blocks, often used by some manufacturers, are irrational. On the contrary, micro channels can significantly improve thermal efficiency of a water block – effective heat exchange surface area is expanded, flow speed is increased, so the heat exchange ratio also grows.

ThermalTake Big Water 760i Liquid Cooling System

The Big Water 760i also has a good pump. Weak pumps used in older products are now a thing of the past. Nominal output of this pump is 500 L/hr. Technical quality of the pump is also very good – the new pump can compete with similar pumps popular among enthusiasts.

Retention module of the CPU block is compatible with various platforms. It can be installed on Intel LGA775 and on AMD Socket K8/AM2 and offers a rational installation procedure.

ThermalTake Big Water 760i Liquid Cooling System

All components of the ThermalTake Big Water 760i Liquid Cooling System are of high quality. They are made to last, be it the monolithic CPU block, the pump, a heat sink of the industrial design or the tube made of good materials with special valves. Leakage is therefore out of the question in this liquid cooling system.

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Contributed by Joseph Espirida, Product Reviewer