Take disc publishing to a whole new level.

The Primera Bravo II is the ultimate tool for burning multiple optical disks, since it does not only effectively write a large number of CDs and DVDs, but it also creatively generates their labels as well.

Burn CDs and Print your own Disc Labels

This compact machine can conveniently duplicate CDs and DVDs automatically and it makes your CDs and DVDs aesthetically pleasing with Primera Bravo II’s full-color 4800 dpi direct-to-disc printer.

 Primera Bravo II You toss in a blank CD, and this innovative machine will do both burning and labeling.

The modern Bravo II is perfect for making either one CD or DVD at a time, producing unique discs, or even up to 50 discs at a time! And the best part? You don’t need to break a sweat to produce 50 CDs or DVDs in a matter of minutes because this machine is fully automatic! Just select the files you wish to burn and print, select how many discs you’d like, and push “Go!” and wait for your CDs to be ready.

Both CD-Rs and DVD±Rs are compatible with the Primera Bravo II and can be read on the same drive. Don’t worry about the quality of the burned products since Bravo II features the latest, ultra modern recordable DVD drives from Pioneer.

If you are worried about the quality of the print on the CD labels, then you should know that the Bravo II produces gorgeous, full-colored CDs and DVDs. The labels are stunning and impressive, so there’s no need to limit your creativity. And since you can write as much as 50 discs simultaneously, you can save a lot of precious time with this disc publishing tool.

And since we’re talking about time, speed is utterly important. Luckily for you, both the printing and writing time of the Primera Bravo II are fast and effective. It only takes approximately 50 seconds to print a disc label at 600 x 600 dpi resolution. Both DVD+R and DVD-R have 16x write speed and the CD has a blazing 48x write speed. Save both energy AND time.

When you choose the Bravo II as your disc publishing tool, you’ll get the advantages of the exclusive AccuDisc Technology.  Primera Bravo II This hardware and firmware enhancement tool provides the most accurate and precise disc picking technology available today. It uses the advanced LED optics instead of mechanical components, so AccuDisc gets rid of misalignment whenever the Bravo II picks up a compact disc. This technology also allows error-proof operation since it prevents the feeding of double discs into the recordable drive.

And for your convenience, the Bravo II not only operates on standard 120mm discs, but several of the popular business card shaped and mini CD/DVD formats as well with the help of an optional media adapter kit. Now, you can make your own souvenirs and party giveaways. Share your precious home-made videos and carefully compiled photographs with your kins and friends. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

The Primera Bravo II delightfully takes disc publishing to a whole new light. Equipped with tools and features that’ll surely provide convenience to its users, this innovative machine will give you ease and saves you time.

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Contributed by Jamaica Pascual, Product Reviewer