Cables Unlimited introduces the Cable Unlimited Audio PartyPOD MP3 Speaker. Now, not only can you share your tunes with friends, but you’ll also have the freedom of listening to music just about anywhere and everywhere.

This combinational media player case and speaker system delivers amazingly crisp and clear stereo acoustics using NXT sound technology while the rigid molded polyfiber weather resistant shell with rip-stop corded nylon protects your iPod or MP3 player. Needless to say, it is perfect for use in the great outdoors whether you’re hiking or spending a day at the beach with friends.

NXT Technology Gives You The Sound You Want

The Cables Unlimited Audio PartyPOD MP3 Speaker is powered by NXT technology. While traditional speakers use a cone that moves in and out like a piston to create sound waves, NXT-based speakers use a magnet to stimulate a complex pattern of vibrations spread uniformly over a flat panel.

 Cables Unlimited Audio PartyPOD MP3 Speaker Since the speaker doesn’t need an enclosure to focus the sound, it produces an even tone that radiates around the flat panels. This eliminates the hot spots and dead zones that standard speakers carry with them. So, you can put NXT speakers anywhere in a room and count on good sound.

The NXT-powered speaker features non-directional and perfectly modulated sound reproduction capabilities, which means that listeners hear true sound wherever they are in the room. These new speakers work in a completely different way compared to conventional electrostatic and moving coil loudspeakers, whose sound is only true in certain directions because of the way it ‘pushes’ sound out into the room. These also need multiple drivers – woofer, midrange and tweeter – to cover the frequency range of high quality recordings.

Moreover, an NXT panel generates sound through seemingly random vibrations over its entire surface. The vibrations are non-linear and complex, and are stimulated by a transponder attached to the panel. As the entire panel resonates it diffuses sound in all directions. This behavior persists at all frequencies, avoiding the interference problems of conventional ‘cone’ speakers.

With this flat-panel technology used in the partyPod MP3 speaker, you’ll get a wonderful set of portable speakers that really sound amazing. It’s simply perfect if you can’t live without music out on the road. At the very least, they sound miles better than your standard laptop speakers.

What’s more about the partyPod MP3 speaker is it works with any MP3 player including all iPod and iPhone units with a 3.5mm audio jack and carabiner to easily attach the device to belt or backpack. It has a powerful 3-watt amplifier powered by two AA batteries.

Now you can share your tunes with your friends or just enjoy your music anywhere without headphones.  Cables Unlimited Audio PartyPOD MP3 Speaker This combinational personal media player case and speaker system delivers clear crisp stereo sound, while the rigid molded poly-fiber shell protects your MP3 player. Enjoy the complete freedom of taking and sharing your music everywhere with the Cables Unlimited Audio PartyPOD MP3 Speaker.

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Contributed by Joseph Espirida, Product Reviewer