This is an Apevia X-Supra case, mid tower case, this is the G type. So, what’s up with this case? Well it’s very simple, it gets to the point, it’s very cheap, you can spend the money on the good stuff. What counts, what’s inside, your motherboard, you video card, your processor, don’t spend a lot of money on the case because it’s just a box and it’s going to sit on the floor anyway unless you are going to spend a lot of money and get a really pretty one, and have it on top of your desk.

So, lets talk about this Apevia Case. I don’t know how to pronounce it, does anybody know? No? No? Nobody knows so, you can pronounce it whichever way you prefer. This is the G-Type, it’s called the X-Supra, you know the model name, there is the G-Type and the X-type.

Closed captions available in both English and Spanish courtesy of SubPly.

The X-Type has a 240mm fan right here, this one has the 120, I kind of prefer the 120, you know, keeps the glass clear. I like to be able to see inside. So this is a regular ATX mid tower case. It will support up to I think 11″ by 12″ motherboards, so it’s not going to do the extended ATX, but it will do regular ATX, it will do micros, minis, and all that stuff. ITX, it will do all that great stuff. So, awesome case, five 5.25″ Bays, as you can see right down the front.

Here then you have two 3.5″ right there, now inside there is also space for another three hard drives, there is another three and a half inch cage right there. So you get plenty of stuff to put in, CDRoms, and you can even put in water cooling if you like, you can put floppys and mad hard drives and SATA Blue rays and go crazy and get silly with it. All tool less drive bays, you don’t need to have a screwdriver to do any of this stuff. Thumb screws on the back which are nice, so you don’t have to get a screwdriver to show somebody, or to work in your case, of course the 120mm fan, right on the front is great to keep your CPU cooler, nice and cold.

And lets see, I’ll go ahead and give you a little tour of the inside, toolless bays are awesome, if you don’t know what a toolless bay is, you don’t need a screwdriver to screw it in, you just kind of slide these little things back and forth and as soon as it’s forward it’s locked in there, so you… it’s open, you slide the hard drive in, you click that, it’s locked, it’s in, it’s done, you don’t need a screwdriver, it’s really quick.

This is like if you go to those PC build races, this is cheating. You can’t, you need to have a screwdriver because this is like: Oh, hard drive… you know, clip it there, it’s really easy. Even the back, look at this, even the expansion port on this thing, are toolless. So you literally just slide it in there and the this tab just comes right off and you can just push it through and then push it right back out and it locks.

Then, no screwdrivers, no extra work. It keeps it nice and simple for you, keeps your fingers from dying. Very nice motherboard tray, like I said it does come with two 120mm fans which is really cool, so you go one in the back and then you got the one in the window and of course you have the option to ad the front one.

That’s going to be your best bet, because you are pulling in cool air from the front, it’s going over the entire motherboard, and then it’s being sucked out by the hot one. So you are cooling you CPU core and everything of course with that big 120 on the front, it’s going to feed a lot of cool air to your CPU cooler as well.

So you want to have the biggest fan on the back blowing hot air out, this is going to run on a negative pressure, it’s going to be negative on the inside as far as pressure goes.

Lets see, what else can I tell you about it? Let me give you a tour of the outside. Let me show you the pretty stuff. Let me show you the top here, this is probably going to be my favorite part. That right there. See that right there? You know what that is? It’s a rheostat, it’s a built in fan controller. One button controls all the fans low, high, email, Crysis, you know, whatever.

Power, reset, both on the top on board, and kind of an odd position for the add-ons, but here they are, here you are going to put all your stuff, your FireWire, HD audio for microphone and headset, now this HD looks gold plated and they are very nice, and two USB 2.0 ports which is all great, great stuff.

so, very very cool case from Apevia, and you know what?

Don’t move, stay right there. I want to show you one more thing. Lets see… Zoom in. Colors, colors are pretty.

Blue, I like blue. I think blue looks the best. Green Red Keep going… You know where I’m going next, Black, One more, Silver, it’s the one we are on. Silver is OK.

I would like the blue. I think the blue looks pretty cool. I think it looks pretty futuristic, it’s kind of Star Treckish so, whatever, if you have any questions, email me. See you guys next time.

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