The new D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Gaming Router is one of the first products from a new and modern family of networking gear from D-Link. This networking hardware has been designed specifically to address some of the issues found today in online gaming; with lag being the most significant of them.

The D-Link wireless router enables users to set up a high-performance gaming network that offers the fastest wired and wireless speeds available from a single broadband device.

Configured Through Web-Based Interface

The game-centric user interface of the Gaming Router allows for the configuration of multiple ports or port ranges.

 D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Gaming Router Designed with gamers in mind, this extreme gaming router surpasses the high-performance demands of today’s video games with the fusion of D-Link GameFuel technologies, Gigabit LAN ports and up to 108Mbps WLAN connectivity, high-performance CPU, and the new Network Activity Display. It’s a great choice for those who want to implement it during LAN gaming sessions.

The D-Link DGL-4500 router from D-Link is a premier, gamer-oriented broadband router that contains powerful technology for quality networking: gigabit Ethernet, draft-N support, and dual band. While all the main buzzwords are there, a few caveats need to be mentioned, particularly the fact that while the router broadcasts in both the 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz spectrums, it can’t do both simultaneously. The 5.0GHz is preferred due to decreased interference from devices such as microwaves and cordless phones. However, compatible adapters are rarer and more expensive. In a further attempt to justify the premium price, D-Link includes an OLED screen that lets you monitor your network, and make simple configuration changes directly from the router itself.

The D-Link DGL-4500 also features D-Link GameFuel priority technology integrated directly on the router that gives precedence to gaming traffic for the ultimate online gaming experience and other Internet applications. The GameFuel technologies enable superior multitasking to each device on the network to perform heavy data transfers, whether they are FTP, P2P, or transferring large files over the network, without compromising the gaming traffic.

D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Gaming Router

Delivering sophisticated firewall protection, the D-Link wireless router is easily configured through the advanced features section of the product’s web-based interface. The router features a high-performance CPU to support an advanced management feature such as Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI). The D-Link wireless router features robust security to protect the wireless network from intruders, supporting the latest wireless networking security standards, including WEP encryption and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA. It also supports both 802.11g/b/n and WPA-PSK.

Moving along, the DGL-4500 uses three antennas to broadcast and receive its wireless signals giving the end user the ability to upgrade their antennas if they see fit to do so. Additionally, the device has four gigabit Ethernet ports, one WAN port for Internet, a single USB port, a small reset button and the power connection.

The D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Gaming Router brings a lot to the table, including dual-band operation, 802.11n support, and a killer built-in OLED screen, on top of features perfectly suited for online gamers. This new D-Link gaming router also features GameFuel technology to minimize in-game lag. All in all, this router will provide you with the ultimate online gaming experience.

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Contributed by Joseph Espirida, Product Reviewer