Linksys – a leading provider of voice, wireless and networking hardware for the consumer, small office/home office and small business customer – developed a Wireless-N device called the Linksys WAP400N Wireless-N Access Point with Power over Ethernet.

This wireless-N device is based on the 802.11n draft specification which is designed and developed specifically for the small business environment.

Wireless Solution for Every Small Business

Designed to offer improved range and throughput and robust security features, the WAP4400N delivers the capacity for small businesses to wirelessly share data, use applications, access the Internet, or make Internet phone calls – all at the same time at speeds greater than 10/100 Ethernet and with confidence their network is highly secure.

 Linksys Wireless-N Access Point with Power Over Ethernet With whole-office coverage that virtually eliminates dead spots, Wireless-N enables business users the freedom to work, collaborate, and be productive everywhere, without the hassle of being attached to wires.

Two additional key features of the 802.11n Draft Specification are mixed mode operation and backward compatibility with 802.11g and 802.11b. Mixed mode operation designates that, unlike previous proprietary networking technologies, 802.11n networks must maintain optimum speeds when operating with legacy products. Backward compatibility helps to enable existing standards-based wireless products to work at their respective highest performance levels for that environment, protecting the customer’s investment in existing wireless products. Linksys is also working with wireless chip providers to ensure interoperability and the best performance.

With WEP and WPA encryption protecting your information, you’ll share files, Internet connections, and other resources with the peace of mind you deserve. Also, to amplify security, the WAP4400N device enables MAC Address Filtering to cap Internet access or deter unknown users or malicious intruders from accessing your network.

Linksy Wireless-N Access Point with Power Over Ethernet

In addition, Linksys has incorporated an internally developed Wireless Client Monitoring application on the PC Card and Access Point. This application provides rouge AP and client detection on the network so small businesses are alerted when unwelcome clients or access points show up on their network. The AP and PC Cards also work as wireless monitoring probes to increase client coverage and enable seamless roaming from AP to AP. This client utility can also replace expensive management servers, providing reports on channel usage SSIDs in use and activity logs.

Linksy Wireless-N Access Point with Power Over Ethernet

The Multiple-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) feature is the method of utilizing multiple antennas for wireless communications. For wireless networking, MIMO technology appears in some WiFi routers, greatly enhancing their capability over single-antenna routers. MIMO WiFi routers utilize the same network protocols and signal ranges that non-MIMO routers do. The MIMO products achieve higher performance by aggressively transmitting and receiving data over WiFi channels. MIMO signaling technology can increase network bandwidth, range and reliability. This technology is used in the Linksys WAP4400N Access Point router.

In terms of configuration, the WAP400N wireless router uses the web-based configuration utility. With this setup, it is very easy for the users to install this device.

The Linksys WAP400N Wireless-N Access Point with Power over Ethernet offers wireless solutions that small businesses can afford, set up and use with features they need to run their business effectively.

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Contributed by Joseph Espirida, Product Reviewer