Carry your music with you when you’re out and about running errands or on a long trip. Portability is the essential friend to have.

The Mach Speed Onyx 1GB MP3/MP3 Player will join you for the ride. This device is sure to enhance your music experience, and will comfortably fit inside your pocket.

Listen to Music or Record your Voice

Play your songs in MP3 and WMA formats on the Mach Speed Onyx. Although it may look small, it’s full of fun features you’ll enjoy again and again. Gracing the front is a 1.8-inch Color TFT LCD screen with a microphone at the top.

 TRIO Onyx Portable Media PlayerDid you think you can only listen to music? Guess again. This little machine has a built-in microphone for voice recording, which is saved in .WAV format.

There’s plenty more that you’ll find very functional and useful. With FM radio capability, you can program and save several radio stations and programs – up to 30, in fact. Now, those favorite talk shows you can’t live without, you’ll be able to play repeatedly on the Mach Speed Onyx. Aside from music, this device also saves pictures. By storing your JPG and BMP files, you’ll always have a digital photo album handy. Just when you thought that was all, there’s more. SMV movie format and .TXT files are also supported. So, ultimately, this device lets you not only listen to music, but you can watch movies, showcase pictures, and even read documents as well.

But back to the music since that’s the Onyx’s primary function. What’s more fun than adding sound effects to your songs? Not much, but in addition to sound effects, this device also has multiple repeat modes, and finding that one track you’re just dying to listen to is a breeze. Control buttons in the front –such as Rewind/Fast-Forward, Volume, Play/Pause and Menu – make it easy for you to navigate to your song selection.

TRIO Onyx Portable Media Player

Listen to your music in privacy by connecting your headphones onto the appropriate jack. If you want to transfer some of your files to the computer, the USB port will come in very convenient at a speed of 1000K Byte/S. What if you get caught up in something and forget to turn off your media player? No problem; with the power off timer it’ll do that for you.

TRIO Onyx Portable Media Player

All together, the Mach Speed Onyx is your little portable piece of heaven. Now, you won’t have to rush home or look for a computer in order to fulfill your entertainment needs, because instead, you’ll have it right at the palm of your hand.

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