Although it looks smaller than many other competing devices, the Kodak EasyShare M1073 Camera is a full-featured 10.2 megapixel camera equipped with 3x optical and 5x digital zoom which gets you closer to subjects without reducing image quality.

The Kodak M1073 Camera is able to capture true high-definition images, and lets you view your pictures on an HDTV or other HD devices. The device supports a maximum still image resolution of 3680 x 2760 pixels, and a 640 x 480 movie resolution.

Features Auto Focus Modes and Image Stabilization

The Kodak M1073 camera features an advanced 1/2.33-inch CCD sensor. This powerful image sensor reduces pixel size by almost 50%, doubles the maximum frame rate available from the image sensor, and provides a significant increase in image quality compared to previous generation technology.

 Kodak EASYSHARE M1073 10.2 Megapixel Camera The EasyShare M1073 supports image-stabilization and blur-reduction technology. Image stabilization, also known as vibration reduction and anti-shake, is a technology that prevents digital photos from becoming  blurred. It also reduces camera shake caused by hand movement, slow shutter speeds or when using a long telephoto lens without a tripod.

Furthermore, the EasyShare M1073 uses an advanced face detection system, as well. This technology helps the camera to focus, set auto exposure and detect different human faces, capturing them clearly and brightly. For example, a potentially cute shot of the kids peeking at you from between fence posts is marred because the camera insistently focuses on the posts and leaves the faces blurry. With face detection, the camera zeroes in on the faces instead.

The EasyShare M1073 camera uses several autofocus modes. Autofocus (AF) is a great time saver that is found in one form or another on most cameras today. In most cases, it helps improve the quality of the pictures we take. By adjusting the focus automatically, the AF feature frees you up to concentrate on composing and capturing your image. If you want more creative authorship over your shots, a manual mode is available, too. In this mode you have full control over your camera and all its settings including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, flash etc. It gives you the flexibility to set up your shots as you wish.

The EasyShare M1073 measures 2.2 inches high, 3.6 inches wide and 0.9 inches deep, and weighs in at a light 4.1 ounces. A 2.7-inch LCD display makes framing images a breeze. This device comes with multiple colors options and Li-Ion battery with AC adapter for charging.

Make a difference with the compact and stylish Kodak EASYSHARE M1073 10.2 Megapixel Camera for better, brighter pictures.

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Contributed by Joseph Espirida, Product Reviewer