With the Infinity Beta10 Bookshelf Series, Infinity offers a powerful and exquisitely beautiful audio set-up. Beta imparts exceptional fidelity and realism to music and movies. These speakers deliver clean, resonance-free high and midrange frequencies with a forceful dynamic bass, bringing your favorite movies to life.

The Infinity Beta10 bookshelf speakers come in black and cherry finishes. The model measures 300mm high, 190mm wide and 290mm deep, and weighs 14 pounds. Furthermore, the Beta10 model is a 125 watt, 3-way 5-inch device.

Listen to Music Loud and Clear

The Infinity Beta10 Bookshelf Speakers boast features that really enhance the way you watch and listen to movies. Many speaker cone materials distort the audible midrange and hi- frequencies, however, Infinity’s new C.M.M.D. (Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragms) technology has been designed to virtually eliminate speaker distortion. The result is a speaker driver that quietly delivers subtle musical and sonic detail from your favorite CDs and DVDs that you never knew existed. Infinity’s patented CMMD reveals all the nuances of today’s music and film recordings by virtually eliminating unwanted resonances.

 Infinity Beta10 BookShelf Speakers (Singles) Constant Acoustic Impedance (CAI) Waveguide Technology increases the sensitivity of the high-frequency driver, creating more dynamic headroom, thus enabling a seamless sonic transition between the tweeter and lower-frequency transducers. This helps to ensure uniform frequency response across the entire listening room, while greatly broadening the optimum listening area.

Furthermore, Infinity’s newly developed CMMD tweeter extends the frequency response beyond 40kHz, resulting in remarkably clear high frequencies, yielding exceptional fidelity even when reproducing today’s demanding digital, high-resolution program sources such as Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD-Audio. The Infinity Beta10 Bookshelf Speakers are also equipped with enhanced tweeters. The tweeter is mounted on Constant Acoustic Impedance (CAI) waveguide for improved high-frequency dispersion anywhere in the room. Another aspect aside from the features enumerated above, the Beta10 can be integrated in a surround sound system. A surround sound system is a sound reproduction system that uses multiple channels and speakers to provide a listener with the simulate placement of sound sources.

By playing a sound at different intensities through one or more of the speakers, the sound is positioned with respect to the listener. In this way, the listener may be surrounded with sound sources to create a more interesting or realistic listening experience. The Infinity Beta10 Bookshelf Speakers, coupled with a powerful surround sound receiver and other speakers, make for a truly satisfying audio experience.

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Contributed by Joseph Espirida, Product Reviewer