Now, I have seen many videos on the i-LIMB before, in labs and in performance tests, but never fully-functioning on a human being. The i-LIMB is a prosthetic replacement with enough capability to simulate an actual hand quite well. Today, Laura June from Engadget posted an interesting video about a boy named Evan Reynolds who lost his left arm in an accident involving a car and a wooden post. Aside from the going-to-the-gym iPod-esque battery he has to have strapped to his left bicep this arm looks all too real. See in action how the prosthetic is so sensitive to touch that it can grip an egg without breaking it.

How does it work? Well, electrodes in the forearm sense when the muscles in Evan Reynolds arm is tensing and allows for specific movement of the digits. Check out this video to see it in action and to hear Evan Reynolds story of this tragic accident, and the renewed hope brought by this amazing prosthetic