Today local television station KLTV in Jacksonville was investigating the ‘liquidation prices’ at four local Circuit City stores. What the found – prices are actually higher than those you find in online and physical retail outlets, including TigerDirect.

To show how liquidators make going out of business a business, we chose four Circuit City sale items to see how much you’re really saving.

First up, a fifty inch Panasonic HD TV being liquidated at $1,499 at Circuit City. We found the same TV, everything included, for just under $1000 at

Next, we looked at a Canon Camcorder at Circuit City, slashed to $719.99. At Tiger the identical camera was eighty bucks cheaper.

For Superbowl shoppers, we priced a 52 inch Samsung TV, a twenty percent Circuit City liquidation discount put it a little over $2300, while lists it at $2148.99, saving you over $150.

As these examples show – you must always be a smart shopper and not always believe the song and fanfare, but be an informed shopper.