Detechtive ApprovedWe all have a network in our home. For some of us it’s limited to a wireless router which provides coverage to, let’s admit it, most of your home. Some people have ‘hard to reach areas,’ like a room in the back of the basement, a third floor, or sometimes even the living room for gaming and video-on-demand playback. If you do get a wireless signal, sometimes it’s just not enough to get a solid connection for streaming media.

With the TrendNet TPL-302E2K Powerline Adapter Kit all that can be eliminated. It’s a simple process too – just plug a cable into your router and then into one of these Powerline adapters. Plug it into an outlet near your router. Now, go to that trouble spot where you need a connection. Plug in another powerline adapter. If you are connecting to one device, just connect an Ethernet cable from the device to the adapter. If you need more than a single device, add a network switch or even a wireless access point to serve multiple clients. There’s no other fuss or muss. It’s really that simple.

Powerline networking adapters do a really cool thing, they take the data packets from the Ethernet connection and route them through your home electricity lines to any and all adapters connected in your house. You can add an adapter in each “trouble spot” to maximize your network reach, and provide you a rock solid connection for streaming media, downloads, even gaming.

For it’s ease of use, fast installation and effortless setup, the TrendNet TPL-302E2K Powerline Adapter Kit is a DeTECHtive favorite for solving network “reach” issues in your home, or office!

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