Watching television was something you planned, or let occupy a ton of your time – on the broadcasters schedule. I remember as a kid with only a handful of channels available through the oversized antenna strapped to our chimney with a big box with a knob that would make a loud “click” when you turned the knob in a feeble attempt to get a better signal. Snow – remember snow on the TV before “blue screens” took all the fun away from us? Now, with digital, there isn’t even snow! But, enough about how TV used to be.

Television on demand is the current trend, allowing you access to content when you want to watch it, and sometimes with an option of even how you watch it. For years it was kids and their downloading that made watching the latest movies possible, then YouTube came along, Netflix changed the DVD world, followed by Hulu, another convenient way to watch a ton of content on demand. DVRs are everywhere. Even with all these options and choices, sometimes you still can’t see what it is you really want to watch. But now streaming has taken over at least and broadband speeds have increased substantially. I have 30MB cable service at home, and wish I had the 100MB available in my location.

But Google, well, you see with YouTube under their belt, feel they can make a real difference, if they provide a set-top solution, and I tend to agree, at least in theory, that they can pull this off. Now, if it’s hard to navigate, the options stink and their content library is backfilled from YouTube, I don’t think anyone would get excited, but since everyone and their mother is excited about Google TV, you can expect that it just may be amazing. First of all, it’s going to allow you to access potentially millions of videos on demand. While they haven’t discussed pricing and other things as of yet, it could be the (and we all realized it was eventual) replacement of traditional cable and satellite service as we know them today. All we need is a big pipe. Just as wireless has slowed down the hard-line telco business, everything distills down to bits and can be fed into your home quickly.

Google’s approach with a hybrid of broadcast and web based content should be awesome. Check out the Google promo video:

Google TV – keep watching for more about it right here on TigerDirect News.

Video Source: YouTube
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