ffx40 For those who love Firefox, there is a whole new version now available for beta – it’s 4.0 with a whole new look, feel and some new features as well.  If you don’t want to hear my description of the new features and capabilities, just head over to the Mozilla website to download the Firefox 4 beta.

First of all, there is a whole new User Interface (UI).  This new UI is touted as sleeker and easier to use.  Tabs are given priority on the page for ‘more efficient and intuitive browsing.’ 


Other new features including a new Add-ons Manager; support for both WebM and HD video through their usage of HTML5 standards; and new flaws fixed which are native in some web standards which will allow exploits to your browser history.

ffx4_video Deep inside the new release are several major upgrades, including “WebSockets,” which allow for real-time gaming and chatting ; CSS3 support; HTML5 with a full parser, drag & Drop feature support and full compatibility.  The JetPack SDK allows add-on installation within restarting the browser; and indexed database for local data storage to facilitate off-cloud data access; new crash protection which allows for uninterrupted browsing when Flash, QT or Silverlight crashes.

There are a number of features promised for “soon” – so download your copy of Firefox 4 Beta today and start giving it a work out!  The new built-in feedback tool will allow you to help shape the future of FireFox!

Source:  Mozilla