TIKL_icon Okay, some people just LOVE push to talk (PTT) – think back about 5 years when it was all the rage.  Sometimes annoying, yes.  Useful othertimes as well.  But I never liked the “walkie talkie” button thingy.  Made it seem too ‘low tech.’

Well, TiKL has released an app for Android that makes it cool, very ‘transponder’ like and actually is GREAT for when you are driving in the car.  No need to call when you can just ring in. 

It uses our primary phone # on your device as your “id,” simply listing all of your contacts and you choose them to add to your list.  There is a do-not disturb mode, which the “Call info” button will allow you to obtain the recent caller information.  Just hold down  the button on the center of the screen, you’ll get a red glow, and talk away.  

tikl_qrcodeA confirmation tone sounds after you let go (or is an electronic “over” LOL).  It’s a great app, glad to see it’s free and you can get it too!  Just scan the QR code here to get it straight from the Android Market. 

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What a great app I stumbled across today.  I’ve been getting office co-workers to install it all day!  Enjoy.

(Android Apps is now a regular column on TigerDirect News.  Watch each week for the best apps for your Droid phone!)