imageVerizon has their ‘Family Locator’ package available for parents (and spouses) who want to keep tabs on their loved (and untrusted) ones easily through a web or smartphone interface.  Today I was stumbling around the Verizon Wireless website, annd found the ‘Arrival and Departure Update” feature.  Now, this is a little big brother, but…

It’s freaking awesome. Without “watching” and checking on your family, you can simply setup specific areas for specific dayparts for specific people.  So, you can define your child’s school (down to a 1/4 mile area) for the house of 8:30 to 3:30 each weekday.  Once your child arrives in that location, you can receive a confirmation of arrival each morning.  Likewise, you’ll be notified when they leave that area each day.  Any movement outside their scheduled location will also trigger an alert, allowing you to figure out what is going on quickly and easily.

imageDon’t get any James Bond ideas – of course all of this applies only to phones on your account, not anyone’s phone. 

   The removal of manual tracking and allowing the ability to setup trigger events and checkpoints (like to confirm at 9PM each weeknight your son is at home and not breaking curfew) is a huge step forward in the way people can monitor family activity.  Kudos to Verizon for developing such a great application. 

imageVerizon’s Family Locator service costs $9.99 per month, but to keep tabs on the kids and other loved ones (even an elderly family member perhaps), it’s well worth the price.  Read the full Family Locator User Guide to really understand the full features of this service, or head over to Verizon Wireless for a new family plan, smartphone or to add Family Locator to your account now!