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Use Dragon Naturally Speaking as your "voice command" for your PC – launch applications, surf the web and more – with only your voice!

Writing letters, a book or even college papers is so much easier when all you have to do is talk! Sometimes it is hard enough to get the words to come to you – all the while you are using a highly complex functions of your brain to keep the fingers moving on the keyboard in some amount of speed in an attempt to keep up with your thoughts.

Dragon Naturally Speaking will make your computing experience more fun – and easy, with your hands free to do other things (you know, like text, answer emails on your phone – the important things). Get your copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking for under $50* while supplies last.

Offer Expires 2/19/2011 at midnight ET.  *Price after mail-in rebate.  (Originally posted on TigerDirect Deals)