Nation Day of UnpluggingOkay, so if you are reading this on Saturday before sundown – busted!  You aren’t participating in the ‘National Day of Unplugging!  This year a group of individuals got together in an attempt to get people to put down their phone for just one day.  The event ran from sundown on Friday to Saturday.

According to the All Things Digital post published on CNET, they have even released an app for that – and you can get it by texting REBOOT to 738674. 

While their goal of having everyone “reconnect with the world” during this 24 hour down-time of technogadgetry, you can be assured that people have plenty to talk about – even if it is by text message.  There are some great examples of how non-stop phone fidgeting is annoying, just look for ‘em on YouTube.  Maybe we shouldn’t need to text to get someone to pass the potatoes.  (Where’s the bluetooth lazy susan.  Control it to spin to what you want to get off the table.)

Source:  CNET