NXZT H2 Classic Computer Case - Logan Video Cap
NZXT makes great computer cases. Logan loves cases that make things easy – like taking out front bay retainers, fans, hard drives and good wire management, in fact, without those things he will rarely look or talk about them. Today I saw this video was put up this morning and now I actually want to run out and buy this case today to upgrade from my current gigantic NZXT case.

To get the full details, watch the video and you can get the full details, but I’ll tell you what made this Classic H2 case from NZXT a must have by me:

  • 8 hard drive bays (with easy access)
  • a case-top drive bay which allows you to pop a drive in and out. Amazing
  • the “wireless” case front fans
  • the magnetic fan cover
  • soundproofing foam integration

Keep reading to watch the video and see these great features close up!

Logan shows off the HZXT H2 Classic Computer Case

See, it is a great case, right? I figured it would be a couple hundred dollars, but was pleasantly surprised to see it was under 100 bucks! Check out the NZXT H2 Classic Computer case and buy yours today at TigerDirect!