Logan:  Campus Deal Pusher [TV Commercial 2011]People are sometimes just too gullible. Today on Gizmodo, a story discusses how a woman was approached by a man in a parking lot saying he had laptops, tablets and other products for incredibly low prices – they are in Fedex boxes. Only $250 for a laptop? Suuuuuuuuure! Well, the woman gets home and finds it’s only a ream of paper and some duct tape inside the FedEx box. So she calls the police. I mean did she think she was getting a deal that good without it being any type of stolen or ‘misplaced’ merchandise?

Well, here at TigerDirect you always know that the deals we have are what they say they are – even if you were to be on a college campus and Logan strolled up and offered you a great deal… trenchcoat and all – you can be sure it’d be a great deal and 100% legitimate. In fact, watch this commercial which has been running nationwide over the last month.

Logan pushes Deals at Campus

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