Bioshock Infinite SS - Gameplay (credit: Irrational Games)Blockbuster video games are an increasingly challenging item to make – the complexity is insane to achieve what is coming out today – just like Bioshock Infinite – ready to get gamers wound up and into some of the most realistic gameplay, ongoing dialog and graphics anyone has ever seen.

The game is set in a distant time of America when things are a lot different. While there have been many challenges in getting the game together, it continues to progress although there is lots more work to do, according to the Wired article.

Levine, Draper and Baker are still deep in the recording process for BioShock Infinite, which 2K Games plans to release sometime in 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

“The bar has been raised,” Baker says. “Gamers expect a higher performance. You’ve got games now … that are bringing in writers [and] actual talent directors and they know they have to deliver a dramatic and cinematic performance.”

Bioshock Infinite – E3 2011 Gameplay

Get ready for one heck of a game – Bioshock Infinite.

Here’s some more video courtesy of Wired, which shows how some of the game comes together throughout the development process:

Source: Wired / YouTube