TigerDirect Android App in the Android Store
TigerDirect’s got an Android App! In collaboration with a currently running TV commercial, a new “Tiger Hijinx” app for Android 2.2 and above is now available on Android Market.

In this app you’ll find an incredible useful world of tools, I mean … world of ridiculous things that only Logan would say. For now the apps functionality is to stop conversations, start conversations or even fill dead space with some of the things Logan would say. Well, does say.

Some of the audio samples are actually outtakes from making radio commercials – and not being able to say anything correctly, others are just, well, plain ridiculous. Fresh off the presses and into the Android Market for your downloading pleasure, feel free to scan the QR code to download your Tiger Hijinx Android App now!

It’s a 100% free app, doesn’t require registration, doesn’t compile your contacts – it just makes you laugh!