The 2013 TigerDirect Summer Training Symposium and Tech Summit will be held in Miami this year. The Summer 2013 Training Symposium will be a three-day event. The South Florida Technology Summit will feature over 40 technology exhibitors, including some of the top brands in the industry. Join us from 1 to 9 PM* to see the latest products, newest technologies and even take your chance to win a great prize at the “Wheel of Technology” if you have your “Technology Passport” stamped at least 15 booths.

You are eligible for up to two (2) tickets for admission (You +1). Each attendee name must be uniquely entered for generation of the admission tickets. The name on your tickets will be the name on your name badge.

Attendees are welcome to engage throughout the entire event, including vendor exhibits, speaker presentations, interactive exhibits and other activities. For directions, click here.

DRESS CODE: Business Casual

For those attending the Summit after 5PM, all attendees are limited to a maximum of 3 refreshments (with tickets to be provided at the door) during the event, Government Issued IDs are required for all entrants. Individuals under 21 will be limited to non-alcoholic beverages. Food will also be available throughout the venue.


If you have any questions regarding the event, or to register please click here:

The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013
5 PM Cocktail Reception at EPIC Hotel

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013
9AM – Noon Setup for Technology Summit (MACC)
Noon – 1PM Vendor Lunch (MACC)
1PM – 5PM Business Technology Summit (MACC)
5PM – 9PM Consumer Technology Summit (MACC)

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013
1PM – 3PM Exec Meetings (Tiger HQ)
3PM – 6PM Vendor Trainings (Tiger HQ)
6PM – 7PM On-site Dinner (Tiger HQ)
7PM – 9PM Vendor Trainings (Tiger HQ)