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Website Makes your Online Purchases Sweeter

I’m a huge fan of shopping online. I love how it affords me the convenience of shopping without having to leave my room. In fact, I’m already way past the point of wondering how I ever shopped without the Internet. And I’m not just talking about holiday shopping. I mean everyday shopping like buying clothes, shoes, groceries, you name it. Faced with a choice of having to shlep down to the store, park, pay money to park, take the elevator/escalator, try and find the items I want, go back to the car, drive home, unload everything that I loaded into the car (you know, I’m exhausted just having to type all that), or simply click a mouse and poof, there all of it is waiting for me at my front door, I’m going online.

Time Capsule is a Backup for Everyone

Back in August of 2006, I reported on Apple’s upcoming OS X 10.5 or “Leopard” operating system and specifically wrote about its Time Machine backup feature. Time Machine automatically backs up everything on your hard drive. When I say “automatically,” that means it backs up everything without you having to do anything at all. All you have to do is to plug in or assign a connected hard drive to be used as the receptacle into which all the backing up will be contained.

At the recent Macworld convention, Apple introduced the Time Capsule. This is a hard drive that’s specifically tailored to work with Time Machine. So what makes this different than any other hard drive you could connect? The difference is that the connection is wireless.

The Time Capsule will be available in either a 500 gigabyte or a 1 terabyte capacity (That’s 1000 gigabytes). Apple has made it pretty easy to setup as well as use. According to Apple, you just set Time Capsule to be the designated backup drive for Time Machine and that’s pretty much all you have to do.

Speakers Surround without Surrounding

Watching a movie, playing a video game or even watching television these days, the focus seems to be all about high definition. Yet what you hear is really just as important as what you see. And while what we’re seeing on the screen is still pretty much two dimensional, three dimensional sound can truly enhance the viewing experience.

The whole idea about sound that surrounds you is to give you an immersive experience to what you are observing. In the real world, even with your eyes closed, you can tell where something is related to your position as well as the direction it’s moving and how close it is to you. These audible dimensions are what movie theatres try to create even when you’re watching a two dimensional screen. Just look at the walls when you walk in to your local movie house and check out the rows of speakers on the walls all around you. That really nice television setup you recently purchased or are going to buy more than likely has the ability to surround you in some kind of digital sound and if you don’t have the right speakers set up in the proper manner, you’re really shortchanging yourself. Speakers can really make or break the overall experience. So while you’re keeping your eye on the ball, make sure you also keep your ear to the ground.

Have a Drink, Snack and a Fish in your iPhone

HotTrix for your iPhoneSo I’m an owner of an iPhone and I’m happy every time someone asks me to show it off to them. It amazes me that even after all this time, the iPhone still gets so much attention when I use it. I’ll put it through its paces and I smile when I hear the oohs and ahhs. Even though people know about the iPhone, for one reason or another they just haven’t seen one up close nor held one in their hands and tried it out for themselves.

And now that Apple released the latest 1.1.3 version of the iPhone’s operating system, there’s even more to show off such as the pseudo GPS ability in the Google Maps application. However I’ve recently been using something that brings a whole new meaning to iPhone show off.

Memory Card Adds Wi-Fi to your Camera

It’s predicted that digital cameras will continue to be one of the hottest selling consumer electronic items this holiday season. It’s no wonder that more and more accessories for them continue to be developed. Digital picture frames are a hot ticket item as well. After all, they’re a great way to display the images we take. Another way digital shutterbugs can show off their images is on the web. There are dozens of website services that let you share your images online such as flickr, shutterfly, snapfish and facebook just to name a few.

EyeFi SD CardDigital cameras have eliminated the tedium of film cameras. No longer do we have to remove used film cartridges, wind in new ones and ship them off to be developed. Yet there is still one bit of digital tedium that remains; the offloading of images from the camera to the computer.

Website Gets You Through to A Live Person

I love technology. I embrace it. Technology makes my life so much easier. I can’t imagine my life without a personal computer, cell phone, GPS navigation in my car, satellite TV, digital camera, the list is a very long one. But even I, who writes and talks about technology for a living, will agree that there are some technologies that should die and when I say “die,” I mean die hard and fast. One of those technologies is the phone tree.

Think about when you last picked up the phone to call a credit card company or an airline or a bank or some other service orientated company about some pressing issue. You’re calling that company because more than likely you need to speak to someone about a problem you are having such as a questionable charge on your credit card statement or trying to make a plane reservation or you want to speak to a bank teller for clarification on some banking service. In most of these cases your time is limited and you need to get some answers quickly. You know what needs to be asked and most of the time, a simple response will get you the answer to your question. But when you call, you don’t get a person. You get a phone tree.