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AT&T Plans Aggressive $199 iPhone Deal

iPhoneAre you ready for a $199 iPhone? And not the old version, but the new (faster) model set for release this summer? Yep, just $199. Fortune reports that AT&T is preparing to offer a $200 “subsidy” for buyers of the next-generation iPhone, which is expected to start a base price of $399. So, after the AT&T subsidy, your price is just $199.

Upcoming Releases: Grand Theft Auto IV and Mario Kart Wii

April 29 will be an important day for Take-Two Interactive software, maker of the upcoming “Grand Theft Auto IV,” the latest edition of the very adult series. With its solid reputation for violence and vulgarity, Take-Two braces for reaction to it’s newest release. While previous releases have been surrounded by controversy—they’ve also been wildly successful. Chances are, they’ll face another round of both, and judging from an e-mail comment by the Entertainment Software Association’s chief executive, Mike Gallagher, they know it.” High-profile titles provide a unique opportunity to underscore our goal to empower parents with information and tools so they can make the right choices for their families.” Mr. Gallagher said.

HP to launch miniature laptop, the latest “netbook.”

HP Netbooks will be a drive-less internet and work platformThe term “laptop” is quickly becoming obsolete. Hewlett-Packard Co., currently the No. 1 brand in the worldwide PC arena, is putting considerable resources into a new class of personal computer: the minature laptop. It’s a market in which Intel and Asus (Asustek Computers, Inc.) have already set up shop to serve the demand for low-cost, trimmed-down machines. HP’s entry into this market illustrates a shift of direction in mobile computing—specialized and smaller. Take out the size, weight and expense of traditional laptops. These “laptop lights” are designed for younger users who primarly use them to surf the web, send and receive e-mail and other basic functions, like word processing. It’s a “netbook.”

Google Allows Off-Line Access To Web-Based Documents

Google Docs is now available offline to a select few with wider offerings expected to followHow could Google Docs and Spreadsheets get any better? Well, Google, with yet another shot-over-the-bow at Microsoft, is letting users of its Internet-based word-processing program access their documents offline. A desktop version of Google Docs, now available to a small number of select users, will be rolled out more broadly over the next few weeks, the Mountain View company said Tuesday in a blog posting.

Sony Offers Movies on AT&T Cell Phones

Sony and AT&T Wireless are teaming up to bring you…GhostBusters.This is kind of a good-news, bad-news story. The good news is that Sony Pictures Television will be the first Hollywood studio to offer full-length movies on your AT&T cell phone. In May, they will launch the service, and the company says that it will offer a “wide-range” of popular titles. The company noted that the titles will be streamed with advertisements.

Hulu.com Completes Beta, Goes Live March 12.

Hulu LogoOne of our favorite sites, Hulu.com, is throwing off the beta-version warm-up and going live March 12. Hulu.com is a joint venture between Universal, NBC and Fox, offering their combined catalog of TV shows and clips free on the web, driven by short commercials, normally in the 10-second range. Hulu.com also delivers content from MGM and Sony, and company representatives have indicated that they’ve reached agreements with Warner Brothers and Lionsgate to include selected content from their libraries.

Daily ‘Toon: Technology is Great


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Wikipedia Relocates HQ From Florida To San Francisco

wiki.jpgWikipedia is on the move from its current headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida to San Francisco, California. “San Francisco is the center of high-tech in the United States and will give the foundation access to a rich array of resources,” said Florence Devouard, chair of the Wikimedia Foundation. The Wikipedia Foundation currently has six full-time employees, all of whom will make the move west with the Foundation. The Foundation also said it will expand its staff upon its arrival in San Francisco.

High Definition Comics: Daily ‘Toon

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Yahoo Buys Ad-Technology Shop Maven Networks

thats-so-maven.jpgIn a week that saw Yahoo stave off Microsoft’s advance, Yahoo themselves went shopping. They obviously found something they liked, and they paid $160 million to acquire Maven Networks, a web company that markets a management package that tracks and manages advertisements in online videos. So we’d guess that we’re in for more commercials on the web….

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