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Tired of missing the last second on eBay? Fret no More!

If you are tired of playing the cat-and-mouse game on eBay, especially when you don’t have the time to spend sitting and refreshing the pages, why not try something different – something that will help you get that next auction you are trying so hard for – without your help!

That’s what we feature in today’s Into Tomorrow Tech Update with Dave Graveline.

To Text or Not to Text: That is the Advertisment

Gullible Americans? Word has it that Americans receive fewer ads via text messages than their European counterparts, yet are more likely respond. This tidbit comes from M:Metrics a mobile measurement firm from Seattle, via Seattle Times technology columnist Tricia Duryee, who writes:

New Year’s Resolution: Love Thy Cellular Phone

My hate/love relationship with the cellular phone began back in the early 1980s, before its popular existence. As an afternoon news anchor at a radio station in beautiful Vero Beach, I spent my mornings in aerobics classes with shapely housewives, reading murder mysteries while stretched out on a blanket at the beach, or attending to […]

1080p – The Ultimate TV Experience

The New Gold Standard in High Definition 1080p resolution is the equivalent of 1,920×1,080 pixels, And it’s going to be the gold standard for High Definition reception. If you’ve experienced 1080 high definition television you’ll notice the dramatic difference from anything you’ve previously seen on the TV screen. You’ll see faces in definition so crystal […]

Don’s Journey Through the Digital Universe


Don of the Digital Age

I was born 55 years ago in a small coal mining town in southern West Virginia, the spawn of a Jewish couple whose roots were in Poland and Russia. As I took in my first gulp of air, Harry Truman was putting the finishing touches on his administration and my I Like Ike first recognition of politics was the bitter pills my parents swallowed after successive defeats of Adlai Stevenson at the hands of Dwight Eisenhower.

Can We Say ButtKicker?

Our Senior Editor insisted that we write something about the new Buttkicker Gamer — he says it’s too cool not to mention. “Can we say Buttkicker on our blog?” I asked.

“The manufacturer’s name IS Buttkicker, you idiot!” I guess since we’re not on radio, the government censors won’t come down on us for saying that the Buttkicker Gamer is just about the most kickin gaming accessory we’ve ever seen.

And you WILL kick butt when you use it! That’s because the Buttkicker Gamer easily attaches to most standard center-post chairs. You’ll feel the low end without making the room loud. Turn down or turn off your subwoofer and you’ll still feel all the bass you want. Experience powerful bass even while using your headphones. The Buttkicker is perfect for apartments or dormitories. With the ButtKicker, you’ll live the game and FEEL the music.

Logitech X-530 70-watt 5.1 Speakers

Low-Priced Speaker System Garners Big Praise from Consumers. Every day we pore through a long list of product reviews to find out what folks are most excited about. Today’s winner — hands down — is Logitech’s X-530 70-watt 5.1 Speakers selling for only $54.99 at Tigerdirect.com The Tiger ad states that the Logitech X-530 allows […]

High-Definition DVD Has Arrived

The War Between the FormatsIf you thought you couldn’t get by without your DVD player, wait until you see a movie shown on a high-definition DVD player. The difference is stunning! Now that high-definition DVD players are on the market at last, why not go out and buy one? Two reasons – high prices, and the war between the two incompatible formats – HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Prices on high def start at about $500, while the Blu-Ray models are around $1000. It’s possible that one of these formats won’t survive their ongoing battle, and you might just be out of luck if you buy a player that works on the losing format.

Those old enough to remember a similar war between BETA and VHS video formats might note that you can still find VHS video cassette players, while their BETA counterparts are only found beneath cobwebs or on basement floors. Thus, a little patience might serve you well. However, if you can’t wait to own your own high-definition DVD player, this article will help you make your choice and also shed light on the standard DVD players available.

A Sight for Poor Eyes!

Key Connection's Keys U See Large Print Keyboard

New Large Print Keyboard is Ideal for Vision Impaired.

If you have to squint to see clearly, Key Connection’s new Keys U See Large Print Keyboard with its big, bold yellow keys is exactly what you need. This full-featured, ergonomically designed keyboard is perfect for schools, special needs departments and libraries, as well as government and state departments that need to make Assisted Technology adaptations in the workplace.

The Keys U See keyboard is ideal for people with visual impairments such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts. This large print keyboard includes one-touch media control, Internet and email buttons and three power management keys. And the price is amazingly low – only $39.99 at TigerDirect.com. A great gift idea for the holiday season!

Ready for VoIP?

The Advantages of Internet Telephoning (and a Few Disadvantages)
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has quickly advanced from being a novelty to a full-fledged force in the communications marketplace. Weary from paying huge phone bills, households and businesses now enjoy the dramatic savings of Internet telephone. It’s not unusual to see residential phone bills cut by $20 to $50 or more per month by switching from traditional phone lines to VoIP, which transmits your voice calls via the Internet, the same way your email is sent. While a normal telephone service transforms your voice into electronic signals, which your phone converts to sound, while VoIP technology digitizes your voice as just another bit of data. Now the major phone companies, as well as cable operators provide VoIP services, offering inexpensive local and long distance plans. Most of these providers also include an array of features similar to those offered by traditional carriers, such as caller ID, call waiting and voice mail as well as additional features such as the ability to use your home or business phone number no matter where you travel.

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