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100 Million Web Sites and Counting!

The World Wide Web Has Doubled in Size in the Last Two Years.Ever stop to think how many web sites are on the Internet?

According to Internet monitoring firm Netcraft, the Internet is now home to more than 100 million web sites. Netcraft’s November 2006 survey reveals that the Internet has added 27.4 million sites in 2006 alone and has doubled in size since May 2004. According to Netcraft, blogs and small business web sites have driven the explosive growth this year, with huge increases at free blogging services at Google and Microsoft.

Netcraft said that the U.S. remains the Internet champion with 55 million web sites, folllowed by Germany with 15 million, the UK with 6 million, Canada with 3 million and France with 2.5 million.

Internet Heart Scans to Detect Cardiac Disorders

We’re getting so smart it’s almost scary, but this new technology promises to be beneficial. The David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) reports that new UCLA/Siemens Software Enables Imaging Experts tgo Perform MRI Scans Online by Remote Control. The article reveals:

UCLA radiologists and Siemens Medical Solutions have jointly developed remote-control software that enables an off-site imaging expert to log onto a personal computer and operate a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine by remote control.– Reported in the November issue of Radiology, the study found that the quality of the remote scans were superior to onsite scans by a less experienced technologist, suggesting options for helping facilities or regions with limited medical staff and expertise.

Phish Alert!

The folks at PC Magazine have been on the lookout for the the top Phish of the week. This week’s entry is called REMEMBER and its prime target is Amazon.com.

Under Fire? Report Cyber Attacks to the Feds.

Companies aren’t doing enough to help the Feds track down cyber-crimes like hacking and phishing. That’s according to a recent article in eWeek.com. Reporter Scott Fergusin writes:

Companies should do more to report cyber-crimes such as hacking and phishing to help federal authorities investigate and ensure that additional data isn’t compromised beyond initial attacks, a high-ranking FBI official said.

A huge issue for us is the underreporting of successful or almost successful hacking,” Special Agent Mark Mershin, the assistant director-in-charge of the FBI’s New York City Office, told a crowd gathered here at the Infosecurity Conference and Exhibition on Oct. 24.

Windows Vista – The Long Wait is Over!

The long wait for the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system is almost over. Tomorrow (Thursday, October 26th 2006) TigerDirect.com offers a FREE Express Upgrade to Windows Vista when you buy one of its select systems running on Microsoft Windows XP. TigerDirect is proud to be a vital part of the launch of this historic new operating system, the first new version of Microsift’s flagship operating system since the October 25, 2001 launch of Windows XP, five years ago.
Dramatically redesigned, the new OS features tighter security, slicker visuals and friendlier–one might be tempted to say Mac-like–applications for managing photos, movies and music. – Wilson Rothman, Time Magazine October 8, 2006
Read the complete Time Magazine article on Microsoft Windows Vista:

Could ET Phone Home with This?

World's Smallest Cellular PhoneBilled as the World’s Smallest Cellular Phone, the Chinese-made Xun Chi 138 is a tad larger than a AA battery and weighs but a couple of ounces. Not the most practical phone around, you can’t even dial it without using a stylus and touchscreen. Nor can you listen or talk without plugging in a headset. But think of all the things you CAN do with this phone. And when you’re done thinkng, clue us in.

Oh, the Xun Chi 130 does have a 1.3 megapixel camera, charmingly spelled incorrectly on the chassis. We probably won’t be seeing the Xun Chi 138 soon — it only recognizes Chinese characters.

Prepare for Quad Core!

Change is the only constant in the computing industry. For year’s we’ve become used to the Intel Pentium 4 and AMD 64 processors in their single-core incarnations. Now AMD and Intel are flooding the market with dual-core CPUs, while the hardware manufacturers match the new technology with specialized motherboards and other dual-core ready components. Before long we’ll only refer to legacy computers as Pentium 4 machines. Even now the manufacturers’ new model CPUs are called Intel Core2 Duo, with no reference to Pentium. But just as we’re adjusting to the power of dual-core performance – we’re just around the corner from quad-chip immersion in the marketplace.

Visionman Dual-Core 3.4GHz Only $1069.99

Visionman Dual-Core Pentium D 3.4GHz

Visionman’s Dual-Core Gaming Workstation Monster!

VisionMan isn’t fooling around when it launches these powerhouse gaming monsters. This Dual-Core 64-bit workstation features an Intel Pentium D 3.4GHz CPU,a ful GIG of DDR2 Memory, a SATA-II 250GB Hard drive and a DVD±RW Dual Layer DVD-burner! This Visionman’s system is armed with a powerful NVIDIA 7300GS graphics card with 512MB of DDR-2 memory. You’re going to play games and watch videos that will blow you and your enemies away with striking realism.

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