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Review of LaCie Porsche 500gb External Hard Drive

This is a quick review of the LaCie Porsche 500gb external Hard drive available right now on TigerDirect for 209.99 with NO REBATES! My buddy ordered this drive a while ago from TigerDirect and received it last night. The initial reaction is “Wow“… Aside from the drives standard stats and lack of FireWire 800, this […]

Review of the Samsung 205BW 20″ Widescreen LCD Monitor

This is a review of the Samsung SyncMaster 205BW 20″ Widescreen LCD Monitor. I recently had about 20 of these monitors purchased for my offices, and thought I would write a review. I haven’t had much time playing with them, but have had ample time setting them up, installing, and adjusting them.

While my purchase was work related, this is an awesome monitor for anyone looking to upgrade to a larger monitor, adding a second monitor or creating a multiple monitor setup. Especially for only $239.00 (w/ rebates) right now at TigerDirect, you can’t go wrong!

1TB Fantom G-Force MegaDisk

Fantom G-Force 1TB MegaDiskWhen asked a few weeks ago what drives we should order for some mid-level storage and back-up of files to take back to the states with us when we retrograde, I started poking around on TigerDirect. After researching almost every external drive in existence, I decided on the 1TB Fantom G-Force MegaDisk. We didn’t need anything fancy like a NAS RAID array or anything like that – just a large hard drive that has to handle only regular backups of some of our shared files.

So I ordered four of them from TigerDirect. They just got here a couple days ago and they are AWESOME.