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How Fast is Your System? Learn How to Benchmark Your Rig!

40.jpgOverclocking is now a mainstream term in the computer world. Every gamer either has an overclocked system or wants and overclocked system.

There are two reasons that benchmarking is important. You want to know the speed and you need to test the stability. Below are the programs that I use to benchmark every part of my system.

The 8800 GT is here!

This card is faster than the 8800 GTS! They even challenging the mighty 8800 GTX.

I was also surprised after we took it out of the box. It is slim! This card is not going to cover any extra ports on your motherboard.

I will be doing a review on this card so stay tuned. It should be online Wednesday or Thursday. If you are looking for the fastest card in the price range, feel free to pick one. I am giving this a pre-review thumbs up!

Tiger InBox: Logan Answers More of your Questions

Tiger In BoxGot a nagging tech question you can’t seem to google your way to an answer? TigerTV Host Logan has got an answer for you – all you gotta do is ask!

Today, Logan answers some great questions from you – our viewers! Today’s edition discusses the Bigfoot Killer K1 Network Card (Thanks Nick); Memory and CAS Latency (Thanks again Nick); XFX 8800 Video Card Differences and Overlocking (thanks Andre); a little about InTune and RivaTuner video overcloking and tuning applications; Direct X 10 Graphics Cards in Notebooks (thanks Kellie); MSI GeForce 6800 Ultra (thanks Marcus in Norway!); and the Sparkle 8800 GTX Video Card (thanks CJO).

XFX 8800 GTS Fatal1ty: Perhaps the Fastest Graphics Card Ever for Under $350

I arrived Monday morning and there was Fata1ty staring at me… I though, “John Wendel, don’t you even knock anymore.” I’m glad he doesn’t. This is the most insane 8800 GTS ever released. I can’t imagine anyone trying to compete with it. It challenges the likes of its big brother, the 8800 GTX and even […]

The Unreal Tournament 3 Demo is here!

I’ll keep this short… The game play is incredibly smooth. I tested it with my Diamond Radeon HD 2900 XT with 1GB GDDR4. I get an even 60 fps at 1680×1050 (everything at max). I am having a blast with the demo. I will post some more videos and scores after I install my physx […]

iTunes Sounds Mud Compared to Foobar 2000

You might not know it, but if you’ve been using iTunes for the PC you have been missing out. The Mac crowd has been enjoying audio of a much higher quality as it uses a different back-end to process the audio.

We’re stuck with the crappy quicktime audio filters on PC. Quicktime is a resource hog and it also sounds like mud when compared to other programs.foobar-skin-1.jpgAllow me to introduce Foobar 2000. It is still in beta but it is extremely usable and it offers the best audio playback I have heard on a PC. The equalizer is infinitely better and the sound quality is amazing.

I downloaded it then cranked up some In Flames. “Oh my God!” The wife came running around the corner to ask if everything was alright. “Yes it’s alright. This sounds amazing!”

Physics. A Huge Step Toward Realism with the Ageia Physix Processor

Remember the first time you saw a game running on 3-D hardware? You were thinking, “Wow, this is so realistic.” It’s time to relive those feelings. Say hello to Physix. Ageia has released the first Hardware physics processor and it rocks. I was skeptical at first but after seeing some of the gameplay footage I […]

Intel Wreaks Havok

Havok does physics. They have worked on movies but they are known more for their gaming efforts. If you’ve played Half-Life 2, Halo 2, Bioshock, Oblivion, Lost Planet, or any of the other cool games that use the Havok Physics Engine you know what they do. Physics is the next evolutionary step toward realism in […]

ATI Loves Penguins!


Penguin lovers and Ubuntu adopters rejoice. AMD plans to release open source ATI drivers! AMD’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, Henri Richard, recently stated they were going to be very proactive in changing the way interface with the Linux community. This is great news. Nvidia was usually the best option for 3-D in […]

More on DirectX 10 for Vista… not XP


I posted a blog on DirectX 10 a few weeks ago. I was mainly ranting about how Microsoft is forcing gamers to upgrade to Vista to enjoy the graphical bliss of Direct X 10. Well, I did some research and here are the findings: Part of Direct X 10′s original design allowed graphics cards to […]

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