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Hurry – The Sale Ends This Sunday!

Tiger Direct has a huge assortment of computers and other electronics on sale at amazing low prices. TigerDirect carriers the most powerful processors in desktop and laptop computers to portable GPS navigators, satellite radio receivers and everything else in between. Here are just a few examples of TigerDirect’s super holiday sales ENDING THIS SUNDAY

The Holiday Gift for the Guy or Gal Who Has Everything!

It’s not a dream and your eyes are not playing tricks on your. It’s the toilet paper stereo dock for iPod from Atech. The iCarta “TP” iPod dock features four high-performance moisture-free speakers (2 x tweeters & 2 woofers). While playing your favorite tune, it also charges your iPod shuffle or other audio devices with […]

Tech Update: Improvements in Home Telephones

For more than a century, the telephone has helped people miles apart reach out to each other. Thanks to ongoing improvements in technology and design, most Americans still consider the home phone – a must have. Listen to the full story from Dave Graveline with Today’s Into Tomorrow Tech Update! Tech Update Podcast for 12-15-06 […]

Tech Update: Retro-Gaming from the Netherlands with Woomb.net

News from the Netherlands on the new retro-gaming service woomb.net that is offering classic Japanese games – in English. Many early Japanese games either were translated poorly or never made it to US soil – now, they are all properly translated and available to you! Listen to the full story from Dave Graveline with Today’s […]

Spam on the Rise This Holiday Season

This holiday season, be aware of holiday spam. 10.9 percent of all spam this season from Thanksgiving until now has been Christmas related. Most spam will have subject about hard-to-find toys, gift ideas and holiday e-cards. “Beginning around Thanksgiving and continuing until New Year’s, we see a rise in Christmas spam,” Penny Freeman, director of […]

Musicgremlin – An alternative to Zune and iPod

Imagine… …downloading all your favorite music on the go — anytime, anyplace — at the touch of a button… …having music you like recommended and sent to your portable device automatically, while still keeping total control over your listening experience… …sending and receiving music to and from your friends and other users wirelessly…

And the Battle Continues…Zune vs. iPod

The underdog is continuing to bark and bark louder. The questions is, how vicious will Microsoft’s bite be. Microsoft’s “iPod Killer” is slowly gaining popularity and it has spent millions-upon-millions of dollars developing the Zune and aiming to take down Apple’s iPod. The UK Times performed a bench test comparing the two portable multi-media players […]

Watch Where You’re Swinging That Thing!

Japanese game console manufacturer Nintendo said Thursday that they are investigating reports of problems with the strap that attaches Wii’s controller to the player wrist. The controller is held and maneuvered in the fashion of a tennis racquet, golf club or sword in many of Nintendo’s games. A couple of websites have been set up […]

Your Next TV – How About an LCD?

If you haven’t noticed, LCD TVs are coming down in price and going up in size. The demand for high-resolution displays is making a higher demand for LCD TVs versus their high-end counterparts, Plasma TVs. If you’re looking for a 42-inch or smaller TV, you should look at LCDs. “This Christmas season probably is the […]

Security Update: Microsoft Word Vulnerability

Microsoft announces a security advisory for Microsoft Word. The vulnerability exploits a flaw within Microsoft Word that would let hackers take control of a victim’s computer by sending emails with an attached MS Word file. The flaw addressed is the “Microsoft Word Malformed Object Pointer Vulnerability”. “The vulnerability affects versions of Microsoft Word sold from […]

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