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Cyber Monday Madness…Ends 11/26

Here’s your chance to get the deals you missed. One day only!

72hr After Thanksgivinig SALE

Don’t miss out on the best deals fo the year! We’re only one click away!

72hr After Thanksgivinig SALE

Don’t miss out on the best deals fo the year! We’re only one click away!

Holiday Sale Starts NOW

Shop today while the stores are closed. Avoid lines. Avoid waiting. Enjoy Saving!

TigerDirect Supports Susan G. Komen for the Cure

TigerDirect has changed Black Friday to Pink Friday! To benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. In its efforts to save lives and end breast cancer forever. Click for more info.

6 Laptops Under $600

Don’t waste time Christmas shopping at the BIG BOX stores. I’ve got 6 Great Laptops under $600! Conveniently shipped to your home or business. No lines. No waiting.

Component Deals You Can’t Miss…2gb DDR2 $39…

Don’t wait to see these deals. They’re flying off the shelves!

Camera & GPS Gift Blowout…Ends Friday 11/16

Here are a few amazing gifts that won’t break the bank.

1gb DDR2 $9.97…While They Last

Attention E-Readers:

How much would you pay for 1GB of PC5400 DDR2 667MHz memory? Relax, it was a rhetorical question. Right now, TigerDirect.com is dropping the price so low, anyone can afford to run a full GB (at least!) of DDR2 memory in their PC. To be honest, even I’m not quite sure how we’re able to offer 1024MB of PNY DDR2 memory for only $9.97 after rebate. But I’m sure our number crunchers have done their jobs correctly–or else heads will roll!

All grumblings aside, PNY makes great storage and memory solutions. We’ve carried their products for years, but never sold PC memory for this little! Honestly, this is the price you’d expect on 1 gigabyte of flash memory or something. But DDR2? Wow! For just $9.97 after rebate, you’ll have enough memory to run 64-bit operating systems like Windows Vista, not to mention all the other resource-intensive PC applications out there. As you can imagine, these PNY 1GB memory sticks are not going to last. They’re going to sell out virtually as I’m writing this, so you’d better hurry!

New: $499 Acer PC w/ 17″ Wide LCD (1gb DDR2, 160gb HDD…

How many days until the holidays? I’ve lost count. I’m too busy selling products at ridiculously low prices, but the number’s shrinking fast! Speaking of small numbers – I’ve got a brand new Acer Aspire T180-UA381B desktop PC along with a brilliant 17-inch monitor – for under 500 bucks! That’s right, for $499.99 you’ll get an Acer desktop with 1GB of RAM, a big 160GB SATA hard drive, an AMD Athlon 64 3800+ 2.4GHz processor, a Dual Layer DVD+/-RW drive, Gigabit LAN, flash reader, and Vista Home Basic. PLUS a spectacular Acer 17-inch WXGA widescreen LCD with a fast 5ms response time, and its sleek, razor thin profile will knock your holiday stockings off! All for only $499.99. And NO REBATES. You won’t have to jump through any hoops to get a complete Vista desktop system and a fantastic monitor. Just click to get yours.

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