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The i-LIMB gives amputees hope!

Now, I have seen many videos on the i-LIMB before, in labs and in performance tests, but never fully-functioning on a human being. The i-LIMB is a prosthetic replacement with enough capability to simulate an actual hand quite well.

Myspace and Facebook Profiles : the Next Resume?

I was recently going through some articles, and came across an interesting batch about Facebook and Myspace. Facebook and Myspace are both widely used social networking sites that allow the user to create a home page about themselves, and locate other users via browse features included in the site.

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider A Huge Success

After over $9 billion dollars and decades of work and research from a over 10,000 scientists, man’s greatest experiment has finally been set in motion. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and spent countless man-hours building the largest man-made machine, with a stunning circumference of 17 miles and ranging from a depth of 160 to 600 […]

Tesla Roadster Gets An Upgrade

Most of you are probably going, what is a Tesla Roadster? For those of you who do know, this will be an added treat. For those of you who don’t, I will provide enough background information to get you in the know-how.

Spore : A Special Review

As you might have heard, Spore is here! After countless delays and backtracks one of the most anticipated games of the year has finally arrived. So what is there to do in Spore? Everything. You start by naming the planet that you are on, and choosing your creatures diet.

Google Chrome : The next big OS?

As you all might know, Google has recently released Chrome, it’s brand-new perspective on internet browsing. A blog on PCWorld by Steve Bass talks about Chrome’s credibility as a browser. Sure it’s a great browser, but the capabilities of this powerful app has Microsoft worried. Now, an operating system online?

Sony VAIO TZ Users Beware!

Do you own a Sony VAIO TZ? Then this article is for you. Sony recently recalled over 440,000 of these laptops (priced between $1400 and $4000) due to over 200 global cases of the said PCs overheating. The effects of the overheating have resulted in atleast seven people suffering “light burns.”