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Flash or Substance?

Macromedia Flash surely has some valid uses on a web site. I just haven’t found any of them yet. Well, that’s not exactly true. If, after I click on a search result, I’m presented with a Flash intro — especially one that takes two minutes to load over broadband — I know immediately that this […]

African Penguins Turn Me On

I took up computers as a hobby soon after I saw my Brother’s Apple II. I enjoy the whole field of computing. That being said, I can’t remember being excited about a personal discovery in computing since I used my dial-up modem to connect to my first bulletin board. Until now.

I started looking at Ubuntu a few weeks back. The more I explore, the more excited I become. For those still in the dark, Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system. I’ll guarantee that the box I’m building right now will be Ubuntu-based. And once I become more proficient in linux-speak, I’m convinced that I’ll be switching over the LAN that I administer at work. Think of it…. No more Monopolysoft.

My excitement really took off when I downloaded and burned the desktop ISO of Ubuntu. (I ordered the CD, but couldn’t wait.) A great feature is the ability to test-drive Ubuntu from the CD without installing anything on your computer. I’m using a slightly modified Socket 478 Gateway, and the OS booted up without a hitch. But wait…there’s more!

To Ubunto or Not to Ubunto

Vista is coming out. I’ve been able to avoid XP up to now, running 2K at home and work. Since Microsoft is coming out with IE 7, it looks like I’ll have to leave 2K behind at work and shoot up to Vista. The question is, at home, should I go Ubuntu? For home use, […]