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Real Business in a Virtual World

Immersive WorldsIn 1997 I predicted it, dreamed about it and anticipated the day when virtual reality would be a real-time experience. Oh it was already happening then but not on a mainstream level. In 2006 and beyond virtual reality is um… a reality. I am not talking about video games I am talking about real human interaction with other real humans in a virtual environment. (Sit back boys and girls…I feel this post is going to be long)

Before I can make my point I need to give you some back story. My first experience interacting with real people in a virtual world was on a game server in my office at Netsales Inc (now defunct) Yep it was always Sales (my department) against the Techs and boy did I think my handle was cool “KillerSalesman” Halflife was the game and we were so happy that we had access to a fast pipe (in 1999 cable Internet was still not common though growing by leaps and bounds) and working for a technology company had its perks. T1 access, a fast computer and loads of Mountain Dew!

The Quest and The Never Ending Search

Holy GrailIn my wildest imagination I would have never thought that I would do so much searching. My quest began nine years ago and to this day it has only gotten more desperate. This tireless quest apparently has no end as each day I wake up my search begins anew. You would think my heart would grow weary and with broken spirit I would just give up. But…not me! It seems I have an insatiable desire to seek. Even MORE amazing is the fact that millions upon millions more people wake up everyday with the same insatiable desire. They long for information, answers, advice, media, solutions, companionship, the meaning of life…you name it.

Collaborative Talks and Google Docs!

Never underestimate the concept of thriftiness and ingenuity. Most small businesses are looking for solutions that allow them to run lean and mean. Google Docs (now in beta http://docs.google.com) meets a very practical need. Google Docs allows users to have a central web based location for word documents and spreadsheets and also allows collaboration from […]

Blog Thrills make Users “Sticky”

The very fact that I am able to add my two cents here in the Tiger Direct Blog is because TD acknowledges the value in providing a platform that gives “WE” the people a soapbox. This is New Millennium business at its best. The Internet has redefined the way the world does business and as it grows up and the next generation of users floods the workplace it will change even more. I appreciate the opportunity to impact thousands of people with the click of a mouse and I applaud TD for launching this blog (I am a long time customer of TD and I always check here first when looking for hardware)