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TigerDirect Honored by City of Miami Commissioner’s


At this morning’s City of Miami Commissioner’s Meeting at the Miami City Hall, TigerDirectwas recognized for their recent contribution to the community in providing the Little Haiti school with new computers and empowered them with a new skill set.

Certificates were given to Dan Brown, Yendi Valdes, Lorelle Kahn and Lonny Paul as the individuals responsible for executing the event.  Michele Spence Jones made great comments about TigerDirect in general prior to the presentation of the certificates which say:

“Honoring a wonderful commitment to civic responsibility and communal welfare through generous donations andsupport for an important project at Ebenezer Christian Academy – a non-profit PK-12 school working to provideit’s students with the tools to understand and build computers and in appreciate of critical support of skills development for the underserved in our community by a neighborhood partner whose philanthropy serves as a source of inspiration and an agency of Hope.  (Signed by Mayor Regalado and Commissioner Spence-Jones)”

We will get a copy of the session video once released.  This was a great honor for our Company.

TigerDirect.com is Hiring Tech Talent!

direct source cover

If you love technology, enjoy working with other techies,  and  need a job. Attend the TigerDirect.com Job Fair!

Monday April 29th


7795 West Flager St Suite #35, Miami,FL

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Chicago Regional Build Your Own PC Race Results

pcrace-results-blogThe 2014 Regional Build Your Own PC Race presented by Lenovo kicked off on April 7, 2013 at the Hoffman Estates TigerDirect.com Retail Store for the Chicago Region. 11 racers were present and there were 4 participants from the last race held in the Chicago area.

While record times were not broken at the event, it was a heated race with lots of changes to the build, resulting in extended race times. Once the race was over, penalties were assessed and some even disqualified for breaking components in the system.

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TigerDirect Build Your Own PC Race

Sign up for the 2013-2014 TigerDirect Charity PC Race and you could Win Big, While doing what you love!


Build Your Own PC Race 2014 presented by Lenovo

Now in Its 16th Year, The Build Your Own PC Race For Charity Will Take Place in More Than 10 North American Cities

TigerDirect, a subsidiary of Systemax, is proud to announce the expansion of its 16th annual Build Your Own PC Race For Charity Presented by Lenovo, world’s second-largest PC vendor. In response to the race’s increasing popularity, TigerDirect will extend the competition to more than 10 North American locations. Tasked with assembling a Lenovo Gaming PC from its basic component level, the racer with the fastest time in each city will win an all expenses paid trip to the finals during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show and a donation to their charity of choice.

Since its inception in 1997, TigerDirect’s PC Race has been hailed as one of the most exciting events during the Consumer Electronics Show and until 2012 was only available to journalists. Last year, when TigerDirect opened the races to the public, they received an overwhelming response from consumers and tech enthusiasts who were interested in competing and attending the events. With the help of Lenovo’s sponsorship and due to popular demand, TigerDirect has increased the number of racers per region from 10 to 20 and the number of cities from 5 to more than 10.

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The New “Facebook” Mobile Phone


Android phones will soon be called “Facebook” phones, yes your phone will be powered and engineered to be a hub for your Social Media needs. Smart move Mark Zuckerberg? Some may agree, some may not, but when have you ever seen everyone agree on one thing. Yep didn’t think so. Anyways, it looks like this is a big move for both Samsung and Facebook, and it’s all going down April 12. Android users who have the most recent Facebook app will see a prominent link asking users if they want to download Facebook Home. It downloads as a separate app. HTC also unveiled a phone with Facebook Home pre-loaded, the HTC, first.  AT&T is also a launch partner for Home, and will carry the HTC First. It’ll be available April 12 for $99.99, with a two-year contract. ”Our phones today are designed around apps, not people. We want to flip that around.” claims Zuckerberg, whether or not this will be a big move for Android phones…We shall see. What are your thoughts?

Photo: Courtesy of facebook

Cable Management for PC Building

 PC Cable Management


Cable Management For PC Building increases airflow, makes it easier to work on your rig and it also makes it looks better. You can immediately tell the difference between clean cable management and someone who did not have the time for it. One reason why i think many people do not get around to it is because you have to spend lots of time on it. It really is the cherry on top of a PC Build and it just adds that touch of cleanliness and perfection to your final masterpiece.  Here are a few tips to get you started, and if you also have more tips to add please comment and help a fellow builder out with some solid advice.

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TigerDirect’s Homage to Classic Tech

WARNING! Nostalgic Feelings for Classic Tech will surface…

TigerDirect.com is bringing Classic back! That’s right Every week we will show you more pictures of classic tech that were all submitted by you, our fans. If you have any sweet pics you would like featured, send them my way at Social@tigerdirect.com and you will see your oldest tech on this blog. If you feel like sharing a story about your experience with old…I mean “Classic” tech, then also send that my way. For now just kick back, grab some, whatever it is you eat and enjoy the Pictures! Possibly even reminisce about how it was “back in the day”

So how OLD can you go?

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The Ultimate Gaming PC Setup

Ultimate Set Up 

If you love building computers, PC Parts, PC Gaming, or an overall tech expert,  you will love this. He is a TigerDirect Facebook fan, his name is Kyle Davis, and he built one of the most legit PC Gaming setups I have ever seen. Check it out for yourself.

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The Build Your Own PC Race and Yelp Take The Party To Chicago

TigerDirect PC Race

The TigerDirect Build Your Own PC Race is teaming up with Yelp, and we’re bringing a weekend of technology to Chicago! We kicked off in Miami, where TigerDirect hosted the hottest most exclusive Yelp event yet. We’re talking VIP members only, tons of giveaways, free everything, and much more than our guests expected. We even had a couple of guests walk out with fresh new tablets, gaming gear, and Lenovo laptops!

Chi- Town is next and we’re coming to make things even bigger and better than we did in Miami! Yelp, we didn’t think it was possible either. Celebrate Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water at Yelp’s Elemental Experience. Guests will sample some of Chicago’s best food, beverage, entertainment and other local flavor at River North’s newest multi-venue event space, Castle. This event will be unlike any this town has ever seen.

If you are invited. Congratulations! Prepare to make your town jealous. If you are not coming, it’s all good. Kick off of our 2013 PC Charity Race and win some free tech swag if you can build a computer faster than the guy next to you!  Whether you are partying with Yelp or Building your own PC, get ready to Tech things out Chicago!

Event Info: http://bit.ly/11Dx2FD

PC Race Info: http://bit.ly/TigerDirectPCRace



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