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Video: Get Your LCD Monitor Off Terra Firma!

With the Ergotron LX Desk Mount, you’ll experience viewing comfort that’s generated by CF, Ergotron’s revolutionary Constant Force lift and pivot motion technology. These aren’t just for workplace installations. Lonny Will show you how easy to install and beneficial these handy LCD accessories really are. Effortlessly lift, swing, tilt or retract your LCD display. Enjoy greater versatility and productivity, especially in multiple user/observer situations like showrooms and brainstorming sessions.

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Tech News Wrap Up For The Week Of February 12, 2007

Diggers near a world famous shrine in Jerusalem have angered the Muslim community in Isreal and abroadWebcams broadcast Israeli dig near Jerusalem shrine
Israel has installed Internet cameras near an archaeological excavation close to a Jerusalem shrine that had sparked Muslim protests, in a bid to show the work does not harm the holy site, officials said on Thursday.

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Improving Remote Access Security and Monitoring

Improving Remote Access Security and MonitoringThis survey reports that IT decision-makers know remote access is increasing and understand the need to improve security and monitoring activities to protect their company's intellectual assets. With heightened security and increased regulatory requirements, they need solutions that will track and monitor remote access easily and unobtrusively.

Contrary to popular belief, security and monitoring tools are available so companies do not have to remain vulnerable when remote users access the Internet outside of the corporate network.

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Benchmarking Strategies for Application Acceleration

Benchmarking Strategies for Application AccelerationThis in-depth white paper from The Tolly Group identifies the root causes of application performance slow-downs and offers a 10-step strategy for boosting the performance of mission-critical Web-based applications.

Learn more about benchmarking strategies from an industry leader in this whitepaper, for free – from Tradepub and TigerDirect!

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Graphics Cards: The Other Processing Unit

GeForce 8800 GTS graphics cards pack serious video capacity and performance!Maybe you need to upgrade your workstation PCs at your small business because you are taking on more 3D development.  Maybe your kids want the latest games but alas, your home computer can’t handle the graphics load. Whatever reason you have for shopping for a graphics card, the terms, choices, and brand variety out there can be daunting.  We’ve assembled this helpful guide to what graphics cards are and how they operate in order to better prepare you for your purchase!  After reading this, you can converse knowledgably with the tech guys without feeling out of the loop.  Good Luck!

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Tech News Wrap Up for The Week Of February 05, 2007 (part two)

Tiger Sypmosium 2007 Features Great Products, Vendor Reps
The Tiger Direct Symposium 2007 was an opportunity for some of our most popular product vendors to showcase their lineups for the 2007 year.
From monitors to every imaginable type of storage device under the sun, this sypmosium was like a who’s who of quality, popular electronics solutions.

Join Sr. Editor Lonny Paul and Creative Director Dan Brown as they explore the many options and goodies available this year from Tiger Direct! And for more information on specific items and companies showcased here, check out the rest of our video blogs at Tigerdirectnews.com!

Tech News Wrap Up for The Week Of February 05, 2007

HDTV equipped homes are the face of the future...or so bets their numerous manufacturersHouseholds With High-Definition Television To Triple
The number of households around the world with HDTV will triple over the next five years as viewers switch to its clearer, more vivid picture, according to a report on Friday.

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Migrating Off the Mainframe

Migrating Off the MainframeRegardless of the reasons your business has elected to move off mainframe, once the decision has been made, your IT organization needs to know about the approaches, techniques, and tools to successfully migrate to a more modern application landscape or open standard RDBMS like Oracle.

Migrating Off the Mainframe examines both the business and technical challenges of migrating off the mainframe. It outlines the seven mainframe migration approaches that IT organizations can use to develop their migration strategies. It explores common data migration project methodologies and tools, and suggests ways to convert a serial approach to migration into a more effective, iterative process. Finally, this white paper describes how IT organizations can use Informatica enterprise data integration software to effectively migrate off the mainframe to more modernized systems.

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Great-looking video and high-quality audio make the VisionM a great iPod alternative.

The Creative Labs Zen VisionM is a 30GB video capable music player that gives the ipod a run for its money!Creative’s Zen VisionM is a great Apple iPod alternative.A 30GB shipping model of this video-ready music device possesses one of the finest color screens ever placed on a portable player. The VisionM sounded great, too, though audio codec support is a bit weak–with support for MP3, WMA, and WAV, but not for AAC, FLAC, or Ogg Vorbis formats.

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The 99¢ Muscle

Since the inception of Apple’s iTunes, pricing pressure has started to effect the way the record companies are operating. If you look around you will see that a number of CD’s are being priced closer and closer to the $10 mark. In some cases even lower than $10. Why is this?

The traditional brick and mortar retailers don’t like iTunes being able to sell an album/CD for $9.99 (assuming ten tracks, as an example the new Norah Jones album/CD is selling for $11.99 with 14 tracks on it at iTunes.) Traditional retailers are still forced to maintain an inventory and sell above the iTunes pricemark. The pressure is on the record companies and or labels. If you add in the subscription services then you can really see the sweat on the brows of record exec’s. The record industry is standing firm in upholding the current pricing structure. Even in the wake of competition from various other sources of entertainment such as Satellite radio, multiplayer games, DVD’s, the internet itself and the whole tech expansion.

What will this mean? Large retailers will pressure record companies and the industry in general to lower CD prices in order for them to be competitive. They may even threaten to remove CD’s all together from their floor space if they cannot lower the price to the consumer and use the newly recovered space for more profitable merchandise.

The other issue for the music industry is the lack of product quality. Number of tracks on a single CD is on the rise while the fan opinion of overall quality of those tracks or songs is down. If a typical CD has 12 tracks odds are very few are of a broadcast quality or fan likeability.

iTunes and all the other online music download sites allow some sort of a short playable preview of a song while some even allow a whole song preview. Allowing a little discriminating shopping while conventional CD purchasing does not.

What does this all mean to you? It is only a matter of time before market-forces begin to apply pressure on the major labels who will in turn have to buckle and release the pricing forces. It also means that it won’t matter what player you own or buy the market pressures are going to force everyone to share cross platform as downloading and instore prices become cheaper and the competition for sales heats up.

When will this start to take effect? I predict when you hear the first retailer announce they will no longer sell CD’s in stores.

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