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Tiger LIVE on Computer America 1-19 at 10PM EST

TigerDirect will appear on the nationally syndicated Computer America radio show tonight, January 19, 2007, from 10 to 11EST. Join TigerDirect Director of Internative Media, Lonny Paul, and the Computer America team as they discuss the evolution of online video.


Computer America is heard on hundreds of stations across the country on the Business Talk Radio Network and the Lifestyle Talk Radio network and is now celebrating it’s 16th Season on air. To tune in, click here to listen on the live stream. A video simulcast is also going to be available courtesy of Stickam.com – check back for details at 10PM!

The Computer America podcast is available here for hour 1 and here for hour 2 if you didn’t get to catch it live with Carey, Lonny and Will (Executive Editor at Maximum PC Magazine).

The Truth About Power Supplies

This 850 Watt SilverStone power supply is one of the best on the marketIf there is one component vital to the operation of a computer, it is the power supply. Without it, a computer is just a box full of metal and plastic. The power supply converts the alternating current (AC) from your home to the direct current (DC) utilized by a computer. Your power supply is the heart and soul of your PC system, although it doesn’t get nearly as much press as sexier components like the processor, hard drive and memory. It is essential that you know the difference between a good power supply and a barely adequate one before you shop. So, what should you look for in a power supply? That’s the question our editors seek to answer with this valuable guide.

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PCI Express 2.0 Promises Faster Bus Speeds and Higher Performance

PCI is the PCI Express 2.0 is the newest incarnation of the ”bus”, a device by which the CPU connects to the chipset, and allows all of the PC components to talk to each other. PCI Stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect.

According to the Web site of the PCI Express Special Interest Group, also known as PCI-SIG, one of the most significant features of 2.0 is the doubling of the interconnect bit rate, which substantially kicks up bandwidth. As a result, the CPU can communicate with other components faster than before.

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Skype Founders Unveil Global Online Television Service

Skype cofounder Niklas ZennstromOn Tuesday, the two entrepereneurs that founded the free online phone service company Skype announced that they would be doing it again: This time with television.

The third start up company for Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom is called Joost.  Joost is billing itself as the first free global TV distribution platform.  Theoretically intended to unite advertisers, content owners, and the general public in a sans-piracy interactive service.

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Tiger’s Top Ten Reasons To Switch To Vista

Windows Vista is Microsoft's New Operating System.  Do You Have it?As If You Needed A Reason.
Vista is the biggest, baddest operating system on the block this year, and you can’t wait to get your hands on it.  If you’ve been having a few reservations, here’s some food for thought: Tiger’s ten best reasons why you should switch to Vista.

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Cisco on Cisco News

Cisco on Cisco NewsReceive a free quarterly e-newsletter with exclusive articles on how Cisco IT uses its own products and solutions to enable the business.

Get an insider's view on the business reasons for Cisco implementations, including best practices, lessons learned, and tangible benefits. Find out first what is new in the world of Cisco on Cisco.

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PC Magazine: Special Risk Free Trial

PC MagazineWe don't normally run trial offers at TradePub.com, but we're making an exception for PC Magazine, America's #1 technology mag, delivering authoritative, lab-based comparative reviews of technology products and services to more than 6.6 million professionals every issue. PC Magazine is the only publication with in-depth reviews and accurate, repeatable testing from PC Magazine Labs placed in the unique context of today's business technology landscape.

If you like your two free issues of PC Magazine, pay the special discounted rate of $19.97 for 18 more issues, for a total of 20 issues. Otherwise, write “cancel” on the bill, return it, and owe nothing. No credit card required.

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Microsoft Office Suite Gets A New Look For 2007

Microsoft Offfice 2007 LogoMicrosoft Office is probably the most-used computer software product in the world, with the possible exception of the Web browser. It has three main components: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The fourth pillar of Microsoft Office is outlook, which is the leading email, calendar, and contacts program used to keep track of these essential business functions.  Because of the significant impact this suite of programs has on both business and personal computing, it’s a big deal when Microsoft makes significant changes to its Office lineup. 

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Introducing the World’s Fastest DVD Burner

Lite-On LH-20A1P DVD-WriterWhat DVD-Burner can leap tall buildings in a single bound? Well, not this one. More powerful than a locomotive! Hmmm…Possibly! Faster than a speeding bullet! Well that one is in the bag. Not in the sky but in your computer. It’s the world’s fastest DVD writer – Lite-On’s LH-20A1P. This is truly a kick butt DVD writer.

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AppleTV brings iTunes Content To The Television Screen

Download Movies and Television From iTunes Directly To Your TV AppleTV The Next Big Thing From Apple
With Apple’s new multimedia powerhouse AppleTV, there’s always something good on television. With Apple TV, you can enjoy movies, TV shows, music, and podcasts in your iTunes library, plus photos and movie trailers, on your widescreen TV — wirelessly, from either your Mac or PC.

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