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Impact of Solar Flares and Mass GPS Outage

When posed the question “If solar flares cause extended GPS outages, do you feel you will be affected?” TigerNews visitors said overwhelmingly “No, I don’t use a navigation system.”

This was kind of a trick question, because it is possible that we will all be affected by a widespread GPS outage. Many more things than your car’s navigation system utilize GPS for a variety of reasons – including cellular telephone networks, traffic signals and more – including OnStar service, carrier tracking systems – and surely much, much more.

According to New Scientist Tech,

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Over 50 Percent of Those Polled Choose Xbox 360 Graphics over the PS3!

The results are (tentatively) in!  While Sonys newest release, the PlayStation 3, is making huge waves (and lines) at the electronics boutiques this holiday season, a few brave souls decided to actually play, rank, and generally give their take on the two competing systems. 

The PS3 has the decided disadvantage of being the new kid on the market, but that shouldn’t stop you from weighing in with your own two cents!  A little over 1200 people have cast their vote, so stop watching American Idol and do something really worthwhile with your time!

Actual Results (So Far, that is) 

  • Xbox 360 51%
  • PlayStation 3 26%
  • PC 23%


 Get out there and shift the balance!  Get your vote in Today!

Stanley PC or Network Sentry?

The Yellow MachineCruising the web for the latest ‘hot gadget’ tonight, I stumbled across what I thought at first glance was a StanelyTM UPS or hold-your-breath a ruggedized Stanley branded, traditionally themed PC. But it is not.

“The Yellow Machine,” as it is offically named, isn’t even a PC, it’s a network storage device, and then some. It also can act as the entry point to your home or small office network with a built-in 8 port Ethernet hub, firewall and proxy server.

Our question

“Why does PC appearance matter? We’d like to know. We love the snappy cases with clear sides and lights for entertainment and the soft neon glow from under the desk, but in the end, if you are going to have super-cool cases – how do you showcase them?

Just click on the “Post your Feedback” or “Comment” link below and tell us your story. You can include video posts from YouTube, Blip TV and more utilizing standard Javascript as provided to embed the video. Here at Tiger, we’d like YOU to tell the story!

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